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Should an enterprising Connecticut farmer legally plant a field of industrial hemp, federal agents could swoop in and pull up the (harmless) plants.

Feds Should Legalize Hemp Farming, Too

CONNECTICUT:  Federal authorities are way behind the bush on dealing with hemp, but an increasing number of states, now including Connecticut, have it right. The General Assembly passed a bill this spring that legalizes industrial hemp. Hemp can now be grown, used and sold here. This is good … Read the full article...

U.S.-based Compass Diversified Holdings buys Manitoba's Fresh Hemp Foods Ltd.

U.S. Firm Buys Manitoba Hemp Company For $133M

CANADA:  A Manitoba company that specializes in hemp products has been bought by a U.S. firm for $132.5 million. On Monday, Compass Diversified Holdings announced its plan to buy Fresh Hemp Foods Ltd., otherwise known as "Manitoba Harvest Hemp Foods." Compass Diversified Holdings buys small or … Read the full article...

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Based on the light attendance level for the opening cocktail reception, the repetitive content and presenters, the decision to run the Cannabis Carnival the night before the last day’s agenda, and to not serve lunch on the second day, CBE gives the NCIA a C for this event.

Trade Show Growing Pains And Headaches Continue To Mount

COLORADO:  Earlier this year, I wrote a piece called Trade Show Mania that outlined the relative inefficiency of, as an ancillary business provider, solely relying on event marketing to reach your target buying audience to attain adequate reach and frequency. After attending 4 of the last 5 major events positioning themselves as … Read the full article...

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