TraceWeed Ready for Use by Washington State Marijuana Growers and Processors

WASHINGTON: Recreational marijuana growers and producers in Washington State have a new option for meeting their seed-to-sale traceability requirements, as Seattle-based Dauntless Software Inc. has announced the release of TraceWeed, a solution that tracks plants, inventory, and storage locations using a combination of desktops and smartphones. All of it is designed to help make I-502 businesses fully compliant with the state’s traceability system and requirements, and eliminates the need for growers and producers to use other traceability solutions.

“What we aimed for is a secure and simple, easy-to-use way for I-502 businesses to manage their operations without the need to worry about if they are staying compliant with Liquor Control Board traceability standards,” said Dauntless CEO Clark Musser. “We’ve taken a lot of the time and headache out of traceability while keeping our pricing affordable.”

After a successful beta period with multiple producer/processor operations around Washington, the Dauntless TraceWeed solution is now available to everyone. Today’s release includes features to manage your day-to-day I-502 business including: detailed reporting, clone management, plant tracking, and full featured harvest capabilities.

“This traceability system is the future for our industry. It’s an incredibly smart design, it’s user-friendly, and highly adaptable. Pure elegance,” said industry consultant Chris Bayley of Hortistructure, Inc. “After listening to my clients talk about their experiences with the initially available traceability systems, I’m proud to now recommend TraceWeed.”

“We love how TraceWeed is mobile so you don’t always have to go to your computer to get things entered,” said Susan Strickland, co-owner of Happy Wayz Edibles in Spokane, Wash., one of TraceWeed’s beta customers. “Example: move a plant from one room to another, grab your phone, and ‘click, click, done!’”

TraceWeed customers tag their plants with PVC cards encoded with an NFC chip, the same technology that is behind many of the cutting-edge mobile payment systems like Apple Pay. Similar tags and stickers are used to mark locations within the grow operations. Once tagged, all it takes is a simple tap of a TraceWeed-enabled phone, to allow a grower to designate a single plant or whole shelf of plants as moved or ready for harvest.

Along with the software service, TraceWeed has approached hardware with the idea of making things as simple and cost effective as possible. The PVC tags used for plants are impervious to grow-room or outdoor conditions; all-weather stickers can be printed with government IDs and strain details using an optional portable Bluetooth printer. And no proprietary hardware is needed to run or manage a TraceWeed system – phones, pc’s and other items are off-the-shelf – and each PVC plant tag can be reused up to 10,000 times.

Customers who use the TraceWeed software will automatically get updates as they are rolled out, at no additional charge. “The sky is the limit around what we want to offer for future versions of TraceWeed. Our key goal is to help make it simple to run an I-502 business in order to allow our partners to focus on creating and selling great products” said Dauntless CEO Clark Musser. Dauntless is planning on expanding into other states with legal recreational or medical marijuana markets.

Dauntless is now scheduling installations for its initial signed customers. New customers can expect to be up and running within 60 days. For information or to schedule a demo, email or call (206) 489-4942.