Things To Do In Denver When You're Stoned

COLORADO:  So now that recreational marijuana is legal in Colorado, you probably want to know how exactly how it works.

If you are coming from out of state, how much will you be able to buy? Where will you be able to buy it? Where are you allowed to smoke your legal Colorado cannabis? Can you take any of it with you back home?

To answer these, and many more Stoner FAQs, the City of Denver has created an official website.

The official website is intended to be an informational overview of marijuana laws in Denver, but officials note that it is up to each individual to understand and follow the law. The online destination does not provide medical advice about the health and safety risks of marijuana consumption, or legal advice on compliance with all applicable laws.

Laws involving marijuana in Colorado, as well as the administrative and judicial interpretations of those laws, are constantly evolving, notes the site, “the information contained in this website is based upon state and city laws and regulations as they existed on December 9, 2013.”

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