The Symbiosis Of Soil

By Ralph T Henninger, Founder Royal Knight AG

“Symbiosis is the relationship between two different things that depend on each other in any particular ways, each getting specific benefits from the other” -Cannabis bible, second edition

Female plants count on male plants to pollinate them: symbiosis. It is my personal theory that symbiosis is dependent on healthy plant roots.

Roots depend on the nutrients, and the plant itself depends on the roots. Healthy soil makes the plant’s life easier. Oxygen exchange happens more readily, allowing the plant to breathe and stay healthier.  A healthy plant and is better able to naturally fight off pests.

IPM. Integrated pest management is a carbon neutral approach to managing bugs.  When we look at any plant. including cannabis, we need to check out the environment that it is in. Is it hot? Is it dry? Is there a tree branch? Is there a puddle? Is the irrigation water good? These are all variables that can make a plant healthy or will can make a plant stress when maybe stress is unnecessary, when examining the IPM triangle its only when we have the Host plant, environmental conditions that stress the plant and a pest will then attack.

When pests attack a plant – which is very common — the plant will become more susceptible to disease, and more vulnerable to attacks from other types of pests. This is why when we monitor plant health, we need to check out the weather, water and all scenarios around our host plant. This will dictate the strength of the plant and the overall IPM program that you have your on.

How to naturally resist pests?  There are strains of plants that have been breed to better resist pest attacks, something to keep in mind when selecting seeds and clones. And there are advantages to growing outside.  We are more likely to see infestations breakout wall to wall or all over in an indoor condition before we see a giant outbreak in an outdoor condition. Don’t over water. Water is essential to plant health, but too much water can also hurt the plant. Root system of the plant should never be allowed to clog. Carbon Neutral is maintained by the natural flow and cycle of sun, soil and water through the plant.