The Priceline Of Pot: WikiLeaf Offers Discounts To Marijuana Customers

COLORADO: When you book a flight online, you’re unlikely to use American Airline’s website directly. Like most money-conscious consumers, you’ll visit a price comparison site like Kayak or Expedia instead. Same goes for hotel reservations, rental cars, even consumer goods ranging from iPhone cases to toothbrushes.

Why not apply that same logic to pot?

That’s the concept behind WikiLeaf, a comparison shopping website for medical marijuana that launched Jan. 22. Created by Dan Nelson, a Seattle-based financial blogger and medical marijuana patient, the site allows medical (and soon, retail) marijuana users to locate nearby dispensaries in four states — California, Colorado, Washington and Oregon — and comparison-shop for the lowest rates on weed.

“I can step outside of my apartment and chuck a rock to three different dispensaries,” says Nelson. “But $60 will get me so many different amounts, depending on which dispensary I go to. I wanted some sort of tool that would shine a light on the best places.”


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