States High On Medical Marijuana Technology

COLORADO: As medical marijuana legislation heads to voters in several states this fall, legislators are relying on technologists to prevent their dreams of success from going up in smoke.

There is some cause for concern, despite medical marijuana’s newly polished public image and the growing crop of solutions targeted specifically at the $2.34-billion market. RFID, sensors, and other technologies lauded as the antidote to black market sales to illicit users haven’t always met with success. But implementation, time constraints, and limited budgets, not technology, appear to blame.

Ganja trailblazer Colorado encountered delays in its seed-to-sale marijuana inventory tracking system when it ran out of the RFID tags needed for every plant, brownie, and other pot-laced product available at growers, distributors, or retailers. The state passed out more than 2 million tags by the end of 2013, reported Denver’s ABC affiliate. The state plans to pass out another 1.6 million tags, which sell for 25 cents apiece.


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