New Denver-Based Website Called ‘Groupon’ Of Marijuana

COLORADO: A new website is being called the “Groupon” of marijuana because it offers deals on the drug. It’s based in Denver and its operators are banking on the popularity of marijuana.

How popular is pot?

Just ask Neal Bigelow. “Even with ourselves growing it at a 10,000 square foot warehouse it’s hard to keep up with that demand.”

Bigelow runs one of the 520 medical marijuana dispensaries with doors open in Colorado. His shop has 300 members, purchasing pot for upwards of $200 an ounce.

The new “green rush” is what everybody is calling it.

Brian Shapiro plans to capitalize on what’s estimated to be a $1.5 billion industry nationwide. Shapiro, a certified public accountant, doesn’t use the drug himself, but believes the buds hold big business.

He’s the founder of, a start-up cannabis coupon company. “People have been calling us the ‘Groupon of Marijuana,’” he says.

Pot shops pay a monthly subscription fee to post deals on the site.

The site went live four months ago. Shapiro says he has seen 30 stores subscribe, with 65 coupons currently up for grabs.

Donald Carson says he uses marijuana daily for headaches. He was asked if one of the deals on the site, two ounces for $300 including tax, was a good deal. “Yeah, that’s a very good deal. That’s about a $50 savings I think.”

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