MJ Freeway Releases Software for Marijuana Infusers

COLORADO: MJ Freeway today announced the debut of a new software solution designed exclusively for marijuana processors and infused marijuana product manufacturers.

MixTracker is the only software currently available that enables infusers to precisely control, monitor and log the ingredients they use to manufacture marijuana-infused products, such as edibles and extracts. Infused products typically include marijuana from multiple batches or lots, each with potentially different yields, so the manufacturing and tracking processes are often complicated and error-prone.

MixTracker simplifies and automates the entire manufacturing process, giving infusers a much needed, integrated solution that precisely tracks and controls recipe inventories, while providing robust batch tracking, cost analysis, compliance reporting and end-user labeling data.

MixTracker is a component of MJ Freeway‘s acclaimed and heavily used marijuana enterprise software, a cloud-based platform which provides producers, dispensary/retailers and processors enterprise solutions that include POS, inventory, cultivation, client management and compliance reporting automation.

“MixTracker offers a new level of precision and integration for marijuana processors and infused product manufacturers,” said MJ Freeway co-founder and CEO Amy Poinsett. “Infusers are now able to manage their entire enterprise, including complex recipe inventory conversion, management and logging, within the MJ Freeway software environment,” said Poinsett.

Infusers commonly fall into the Processor category of marijuana organization types, and they are a significant market segment. For example, in Washington state, which began accepting license applications under the voter approved Initiative 502 program on November 18th, applications for Marijuana Processor licenses currently account for just over 34% of all license applications submitted, as compared to almost 48% for Producers and just 17% for Retailers.

MixTracker will anchor MJ Freeway’s marijuana processor product line and represents the company’s completion of a suite of software products that span all three major categories of the medical and legal marijuana industries: growers, retailers and processors.

MJ Freeway processed more than $200 million in medical marijuana sales in 2012 and is well known within the medical marijuana and nascent recreational marijuana industries for their innovative cloud-based software platform. MixTracker is available for all of the 20 states and four cities, (and DC), currently permitting medicinal or legal recreational marijuana use, as well as in Canada and Europe.

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