Instagram Deletes Marijuana-Themed Accounts, Inspires “Instagram of Marijuana”

CALIFORNIA: Instagram is full of marijuana. There’s no way to know exactly how many of the Facebook-owned photo-sharing utility’s 200 million users freely share pictures of buds, blunts, and joints — aside from counting, we suppose — but enough of them do for police to make real-life arrests based off of Instagram posts.

But, these days, Instagram has less marijuana on it than usual. Beginning sometime in the last month, the social network started deactivating cannabis-centric users’ accounts. Bay Area-based favorite Coral Reefer saw her account turned off. So did San Francisco-based rapper Berner (though he’s back on).

This is an odd move from a Bay Area-based tech darling, and not a welcome development for the burgeoning California marijuana industry. 

But the upshot is a Silicon Valley opportunity: A new “Instagram for marijuana” is launching this week in response. Will the #marijuana #nofilter set take to the new social network?

It’s worth noting that marijuana drives loads of Web traffic. On social media, there are countless marijuana-centric accounts with tens of thousands — sometimes hundreds of thousands — of followers. And posts? There could be millions of posts tagged with “#marijuana,” guessed. 

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