Criminal Justice Referrals Driving Youth Marijuana Treatment Admissions

Since the late 1990s, both youth use of marijuana and the prevalence of cannabis use disorder by young people have declined significantly.

NEW YORK:  Over half of all young people entered into drug treatment for marijuana are placed there by the criminal justice system and this percentage is increasing, according to data published online in the journal Substance Use & Misuse. A team of researchers from Binghamton University in New York and the University of Iowa reviewed youth marijuana treatment admission data Read the full article…

New Marijuana Law Side Effect: Youth Possession Now A Felony

Asotin County Prosecutor Ben Nichols says Senate Bill 5052 contains the new language.

Bill sponsor Republican Sen. Ann Rivers of La Center says the tougher penalty was designed to deter minors from trying an adult drug.

WASHINGTON: A prosecutor in southeastern Washington has charged three teens with felonies for marijuana possession, saying a new law demands the higher level of offense. The Lewiston Tribune in Idaho reports three teens ages 14, 15 and 17 have been charged in nearby Asotin County with felonies that could net them up to five years in Read the full article…