First Pot Shop Opens In Pullman

WASHINGTON:  MJ’s Pot Shop opened just in time for Washington State University’s home game against the California Golden Bears. Brian Augenstein of MJ’s said that the game has helped bring in not just students attending WSU but also alumni visiting for the game.

Brian says a steady stream of visitors as well as a healthy social media following has made this launch day successful. While MJ’s currently only has five strains of Marijuana available, they are working with their suppliers to get more. They are also working to get exclusive strains. When asked whether they had any specific Cougar branded strains available, Brian was quick to say no. He said that they have been working on it, but they weren’t able to get them in time for opening day.

The city of Pullman was one of Washington select cities to approve a moratorium on marijuana sales after the passing of I-502. The 6 month ban was lifted in early 2014.

Campus officials at WSU also say marijuana usage on campus is also prohibited.


Will Legalization Spark Marijuana Research?

WASHINGTON: In a secluded lab in Pullman, furry vermin are providing startling revelations about marijuana and its effects on the sexes.

Rebecca Craft, a researcher at Washington State University, has been studying the creatures, male and female rats, to see if they react differently to the drug.

And it looks like she’s on to something, especially when it comes to THC, the chemical in marijuana that creates a sense of euphoria for recreational users. It’s a finding that women who use the plant may want to consider, she said.

“Female (rats) show a spike in THC (sensitivity) right around the time they’re ovulating,” she said. “I suspect that’s true in humans too, but there are no studies on that yet.”