MedMen Gains Exclusive Rights to Woodstock Name for Cannabis Products

Pot Culture is Pop Culture

CALIFORNIA: MedMen Enterprises signed an exclusive license agreement with Woodstock Ventures LC and its affiliate The Woodstock Cannabis Company granting MedMen rights to use the iconic Woodstock brand on cannabis products manufactured and sold in six states: California, Nevada, Massachusetts, Florida, Illinois and Arizona. The Agreement grants MedMen the right to manufacture and distribute Woodstock branded cannabis products Read the full article…

The Wink In Weed: Woodstock Nation Goes to Pot

Pot Culture is Pop Culture

By David Rheins It’s early for a Saturday in Seattle, but I’m German and so I am the first to arrive. Entering the swanky lobby of the downtown boutique hotel, the vibe is New York City chic, appropriate enough for my introduction to New Yorker Michael Lang – the once and still cherubic face behind Read the full article…

Marijuana History In United States Sees Milestone, Pot First Banned In California 100 Years Ago

In the 1700's, Washington and Jefferson both grew hemp. By the 1800's, it was sold in drugstores, and touted as a cure for migraines and menstrual cramps. In the 1930s, the country's first drug czar, Harry Anslinger, launched a media campaign that claimed marijuana drove normally sane youth to become homicidal maniacs who murdered their own families.

CALIFORNIA: Stricken with cerebral palsy after almost being strangled in the womb by his umbilical cord, the 41-year-old Valley Village resident takes a few puffs of medical marijuana and immediately feels relief. “Weed works,” he says simply.