Are We Sleeping On The Women In Cannabis Media?

Recently, 420MEDIA CEO Kerri Accardi sat down with Tracy Lamourie for MJ News to discuss the exciting launch of her groundbreaking new venture A New Cannabis Channel

Here’s a peek into that conversation:

TRACY LAMOURIE: You have been doing some amazing things in the media and the cannabis space, and now you are combining the two in a way that I don’t think people are seeing just how groundbreaking it is!

KERRI ACCARDI: Maybe that’s because we didn’t Press Release our every move!

TRACY: Right! But now you are finally ready to let some of the secrets out! Can you tell us a little bit about the exciting things you have got going right now?

KERRI: Absolutely! I’m the founder of 420MEDIA, a full-service marketing and content creation agency.  Over the past 6 years we have been documenting the legalization of cannabis in the US. Currently we are in the process of launching a cannabis TV channel across ROKU, Apple TV, Firestick TV, Android TV, two mobile apps and online, with original programming, including a docu-series.

We are bringing education through entertainment with unprecedented opportunities for targeted advertising to cannabis and CBD companies.  We are super excited to take a very fragmented space and streamline the information to the mainstream while showcasing products and services in a way the public has yet to see.

There are so many people that they hear about CBD or they hear about the benefits of cannabis,  but they don’t know where to find a product or even worse they try a product that’s called CBD and it doesn’t work and right away they’re judging CBD as nonsense, but when you read the bottle it’s really hemp seed oil or something that doesn’t have CBD in it at all.

We really want to help guide people seeking knowledge. At the end of the day, we all have an endocannabinoid system with receptors for the plant on a molecular level. I don’t think the majority of people really understand that – and when they do it’s going to be a game changer.

TRACY: Absolutely- you’re talking education, you’re talking entertainment, the business of cannabis, literally anything relating to cannabis you will find on this channel. I know to bring something like this together doesn’t happen alone and you really have been able to gather an incredible team, some big names not just from cannabis but from the advertising world, from the world of marketing, from the world of media – you are bringing them all together, can you tell us about some of the people you have behind you and some of their experiences before joining you on this groundbreaking project in the world of cannabis.

KERRI: We have a phenomenal team that has come together absolutely from the mainstream industry. We have Emmy award winners; we have advertising executives – in fact the person who is creating our logo created one of the most iconic advertising campaigns I think ever in the world!

TRACY: Unbelievable!

KERRI: We will put names and more information and promo out over the next few weeks.

TRACY: I’m excited to see this develop. Can you tell me some more about the content, and I know it is incredible – you have got people at the top of their industries from athletics to the medical fields, not just one doctor but probably ten from across America – can you tell us a little bit about the content and the experience of gathering that over the years? I know it is a literal library, or a museum of cannabis history over the last few years.

KERRI:  Yes -we have a massive library of professionally filmed content – literally over 300 pioneers- on camera plus products, music, panels and speakers, and original programming.

Super bowl champion Marvin Washington hosts one of our series which explores cannabis from an athlete’s perspective. We have him in a CBD lab, pharmacy, events, as well as closed sets interviewing fellow NFL players and nurses – so it really is different insights coming through him.

Then we have another series hosted by a nurse and educator Heather Manus that is more geared to the medicinal side of the plant. What is the endocannabinoid system? Dosing, our receptors, what are the products and the different methods of ingestion and how does it affect us. Why is this plant working for people? We have another series called “Faces Of Cannabis” featuring over 30 pioneers sharing their story and insight into cannabis – from Wanda James who is on Netflix right now, to a child named Landon Riddle who is cancer free for seven years and he is nine years old to Dr Dina, the women the show “Weeds” was based on. We have a lot.

To me, in a time that is so divisive – to have over 300 people on camera to camera of different ages, ethnicities, and financial backgrounds that agree on one thing is pretty powerful.

TRACY: I know you have spoken in the past about the personal part of your mission.

KERRI: It’s super simple. I left New York on December 10th, 2013 I left on a mission to educate the world about cannabis.  My Aunt Kathy died. My best friend, my mentor, my everything. She died, and she didn’t have to. She definitely didn’t have to suffer like I watched.

I knew that no one would listen to me unless I knew what I was talking about, so I started at the bottom, literally – learning how to grow, meeting with patients, doctors, growers, lobbyists and more. This was back in 2013 in CA – it was a much different world.

In January 2014 NY quazi- legalized medical cannabis through executive order and thus 420MEDIA was born.

TRACY: What a journey. Somewhere your aunt is smiling down on you right now saying, ‘WOW! I inspired all this.’  You really are changing the world with this.  That’s not just language, people are going to see that as this develops – it’s going to be epic.

KERRI: What people don’t understand is that cannabis isn’t new, this medicine isn’t new, even the cannabis industry isn’t new – it’s new in the regulated space. California has been legal-ish for over twenty years and has been helping thousands of people.

TRACY : Now let’s talk a little about the business of cannabis, and I know from a business perspective it’s often difficult to get your message out in the space, struggles around advertising, struggles around restrictions and limitations on social media, lots of barriers about getting your message out there that we don’t face in messaging with other consumer products. So what you are doing is absolutely valuable to people in the cannabis marketing space.  Can you tell us a little bit about this really unprecedented advertising opportunity?

KERRI:  Everything was born out of a problem, and the problem is that brands do not have a place to advertise consistently. I learned about this over the past 6 years of owning an agency and having different television deals and advertising opportunities. They can just change their mind and the rules and the pricing and all sorts of craziness. This was created to enhance cannabis brands and products and give them a place to advertise and share their information very similar to television and TV commercials and when we go back into production we will have opportunity for product placement and sponsorships, so it is a space that will literally give brands the opportunity to showcase their product in high level content that has a truly targeted audience – because you aren’t coming to this channel to watch a baseball game.  You are coming to this channel to learn about cannabis

What’s the value of your athlete CBD cream being seen in a series hosted by a Super Bowl champion who also happens to have a case going to the Supreme Court over the legality of cannabis? What does it mean to have your brand showcased amongst medical professionals discussing the benefits of cannabis?

TRACY: So right now, can companies get involved? Right now, is there opportunity?

KERRI: Yes! What we are doing now, given the COVID-19 situation, is selling permanent placement in three of our series where we will build in commercials to showcase those brands and services. If you are in a series with Marv Washington, for example, you are in there forever. So, brands are getting multiple digital assets and a lifetime value. If they don’t have a commercial, we can have it created for a slight up-charge. If they do have a commercial, they can send it to us, and it will literally be edited in as if it was a part of that series. It is only for our inaugural series!

TRACY: So right now, anyone can get in on the ground floor, in there forever, they can basically write their own story right now as far as where they want to be.  As a publicist and a marketing person, I’m definitely excited about this for my own brand and for my clients, it’s great to be able to get in on the very beginning.

“Mary Janes: The Women Of Weed Debuts In San Jose

CALIFORNIA: Film Director/Producer Windy Borman explores how marijuana is the first new industry to emerge in the 21st century led by women. By looking at the intersection of gender parity, social justice and environmental sustainability, Borman explores how cannabis is not only an industry, but also a movement of dedicated and pioneering women she calls “Puffragettes” (as in Pot + Suffragette).

Mary Janes: The Women of Weed debuts at the Cannabis Business and Technology Symposium on June 10th at 7:30 pm and a Q/A with the Executive Producer/Director Windy Borman. The film features a powerful interview from Grammy Award-winning singer-songwriter Melissa Etheridge and Californian women Jane West, Lindsay RobinsonJulianna CarellaMara GordonLindsay Robinson and Amanda Reiman. 

“This is a ground floor opportunity to make connections and collaborate to create technology applications for a new and fast-growing industry,” said WITI’s Chairwoman and Founder Carolyn Leighton. “The Cannabis Business and Technology Symposium vividly demonstrates the leadership roles women are playing in this burgeoning industry, and how they are shaping the technologies that support its growth. We expect this event to drive networking opportunities for business, education and research, and we’re excited to offer it to our Women in Technology Summit attendees.”

“From farms to labs to dispensaries and beyond, the film sheds light on the female researchers and entrepreneurs blazing a trail in today’s legal cannabis industry. Through interviews with scientists, doctors, lawyers, activists, growers and bakers, I learned cannabis is not only an industry, but also a movement of dedicated, pioneering women,” says director Windy Borman.


Pot Valet Introduces Cannabis Products For Women – Delivered By Female Drivers

CALIFORNIA: Pot Valet is a leading provider of premium-grade cannabis in California. With its medical marijuana delivery service available to every city in the state, and soon the whole country, the company offers patients safe, legal, and discreet access to their medicine, eliminating their need to visit a cannabis dispensary.

According to Pot Valet, courier companies should focus on becoming more progressive and protecting women’s rights. Because it offers immediate marijuana delivery right to your doorstep, it is now protecting the privacy of its female patients by sending women drivers to their homes instead of men. Furthermore, the company now stocks only the purest cannabis products for women.

Many women are uncomfortable when strange men arrive on their doorstep, knowing where they live and when they are home. Women seldom allow men onto their property, and such concerns are very valid. Male delivery drivers are unwelcome, especially when women are home alone. Pot Valet no longer sends men to the homes of its female patients. Instead, they now get cannabis by female drivers.

Respecting women’s rights is crucial to every business. In the cannabis delivery industry, privacy and safety is paramount. Men will no longer deliver marijuana to women patients using the Pot Valet service. Additionally, the company is introducing a new range of cannabis products for women. It is important that women have access to safe, effective, and uncontaminated female products.

Companies saturate most feminine hygiene products with toxic chemicals. Tampons and sanitary pads contain chlorine as a bleaching agent, flammable absorbents, foam, plastics, dioxins, synthetics, petrochemical additives, fragrances, odor neutralizers, crude oil, and even phthalates. The skin easily absorbs these toxins, which cause serious illnesses in staggering numbers of women.

Science links plastics, such as BPS and BPA, to cancer, heart disease and embryonic dysfunction. DEHP damages multiple organs. Phthalates disrupt gene expression. Synthetics also trap damp and heat, as they restrict airflow. This encourages bacterial and yeast infections, forcing women to buy more products to treat it. The safest feminine hygiene products are all natural.

Pot Valet now stocks a chemical-free range of tampons, sanitary pads, and suppositories, so its female patients do not have to worry about harmful toxins. They all come medicated with the highest quality medical marijuana. Cannabis-infused pads and tampons effectively ease the pain of menstrual cramps and female discomfort, while suppositories are for both pleasure and pain relief.

Pot Valet is an online cannabis dispensary based in Santa Monica, yet catering to patients across California and the United States. Its large selection of products consistently meet regulatory requirements for the highest quality medical marijuana, and the company only delivers to valid medical patients.

Its Immediate Delivery Service serves more than 30 cities across California. Patients receive their orders in less than 45 minutes. Those using the company’s Overnight Delivery Service will get their orders the next day, but Pot Valet is expanding its Immediate Delivery Service throughout the United States. Soon, patients everywhere will also receive their medication within 45 minutes.

To order marijuana delivery through Pot Valet, patients must upload a copy of their Medical Marijuana Card and a recent I.D. photograph. The company approves every registration before patients can order cannabis from its online medical marijuana dispensary.  

Cannabis Industry Gather To Place Bets At Emerald Downs Dinner

WASHINGTON: Emerald Downs seemed like the perfect place to bet your money on the cannabis race. Companies from all over the globe came to witness history in the making on a perfect Seattle day. The wind and rain pelted convention goers like Tripp Keber from Dixie Elixirs in Colorado, who told MJNN that this was his sixth trip to Washington and he’s not seen a sunny day yet.

Convention goers were betting their $125 dinner ticket will make them a contender in the green rush. They networked in the hallways and under the bright lights of the betting screens. Badge-wearing business people collected their green wrist bands for free happy hour drink tickets. [Read more…]

Cannabis Industry Gather To Place Bets At Emerald Downs Dinner

WASHINGTON: Emerald Downs seemed like the perfect place to bet your money on the cannabis race. Companies from all over the globe came to witness history in the making on a perfect Seattle day. The wind and rain pelted convention goers like Tripp Keber from Dixie Elixirs in Colorado, who told MJNN that this was his sixth trip to Washington and he’s not seen a sunny day yet.

Convention goers were betting their $125 dinner ticket will make them a contender in the green rush. They networked in the hallways and under the bright lights of the betting screens. Badge-wearing business people collected their green wrist bands for free happy hour drink tickets. [Read more…]

Ah Warner: Back To Cannabis Basics

WASHINGTON: It’s a chilly fall morning in Seattle, and so in need of warm sustenance I go ahead and order a large coffee and a bear claw and settled down in a corner table at Uptown Espresso to await the arrival of Ah Warner.

Founder and CEO of Cannabis Basics, Ah is at the center of the Women of Weed movement here in Seattle, and a part of the vibrant topicals scene in the Puget Sound that includes Gig Harbor-based Kush Creams, Sequim’s Sativa Valley, and Seattle’s Vita Verde.

Warner is no stranger to the sativa scene. She has been involved in one way or another with the Hemp and Cannabis scene since the nineties.  Way ahead of her time, it seems the world —and the marketplace – are now ready for a line of fertile hempseed and premium cannabis-infused botanical topical treatments (“please don’t call them lotions”).

Women of Weed: Morgan, Ah Warner, Giana Lampreda, Daniela Bernhard

Ah unpacks her bag and shows me the Cannabis Basics line , a wide selection of healing products that includes: Sole’s Desire Repair Cream, Satin Skin, XXXBody Rescue Balm, Naked Lip Butter, The Remedy Pain Stick, and introducing Ink 20/20 – a relief stick for recent tattoo recipients.

Winner of the Hemp Times 1999 Bioneer award for “Outstanding Achievement in Body Care,” Ah also is a Washington sales representative for Dixie Botanicals and Wicked Wick, and a member of the NORML Women’s Alliance.

And if that weren’t enough, Ah co-founded Women of Weed with her business partner, Shawn DeNae Eddy, six months ago. Their mission statement: “To Build a Safe Community for Like Minded Women to Support and Nurture Our Individual Goals.”

The WOW meeting I attended last week was packed wall-to-wall with professional business women from every cannabis category  —packaging, retail, products, legal, testing, media, medibles, real estate, networking and sharing tales from the front lines.  The Women of Weed are force to be reckoned.

You can catch Ah Warner next month, speaking at the 2nd Annual Marijuana Business Conference and Expo on the topic of Ancillary products in the burgeoning 502 marketplace.


Original Reporting by Morgan/MJNN