Women Grow 2019 Leadership Summit In Washington, D.C. Is June 7-8, 2019

DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA: Celebrating its sixth year “connecting, educating and empowering” leaders in the cannabis and hemp industry, Women Grow, LLCis bringing one of the year’s most highly anticipated events to the East Coast!   Washington, D.C. will play host to the Women Grow 2019 Leadership Summit at the scenic Washington Court Hotel on June 7-8, 2019. Inspired by the influx of women-power in Congress and a desire to take the message of legalization directly to Capitol Hill, this year’s summit is poised to be the largest woman-focused cannabis industry event of its kind in the world.

The Women Grow 2019 Leadership Summit will offer fresh takes on signature components, along with new experiences that stimulate and engage women at every level of business and in their careers.  Curated TED-style “Lightning Talks,” intimate “fireside chats,”multi-tracked breakout sessions and hands-on workshops will be led by industry  innovators, and for the first time, women leaders outside of the business of cannabis and hemp.  Attendees are invited to unite with a community of women (and men) from across North America and around the world at morning wellness sessions, networking reception and a vibrant on-site expo featuring various businesses across the industry – inviting women-owned or led businesses to display their products and services.


Washington, D. C. in June offers an accessible backdrop for personalized exploration beyond Summit.  Part of the excitement of bringing Summit to the area is that attendees will get an unique view of the city that Women Grow Chairwoman of the Board and newly tapped Chief Executive Officer Dr. Chanda Macias calls home.  “It is such an honor to welcome thousands of women to our nation’s capital at such a pivotal point in our history,” said Dr. Macias who also is the owner of the leading medical marijuana dispensary in the area, National Holistic Healing Center. “We are in the midst of a great shift of women representation in business, which speaks to the work and tenacity of the women leading the cannabis and hemp industry.”

Speaking on her appointment as CEO, Dr. Macias added, “I was honored last year to be named chairwoman of the board of managers and I’m incredibly humbled to be named CEO this year as we continue to carry on the company’s mission to lift and inspire the next generation of leaders.”

In an effort to open the summit experience to as many as possible, early-bird admission tickets are priced at $249.99 to April 26th, with regular priced tickets at $349.99 until June 1st  and late registration is $420. Summit will be held at The Washington Court Hotel located at 525 Jersey Avenue NW in Washington, D.C. just steps away from Capitol Hill and the National Mall. To learn more or to purchase tickets, visit https://www.wgsummit.com.

Hollyweed North Cannabis To Acquire Women Grow

CANADA: Renee Gagnon, Founder and CEO of HollyWeed North Cannabis announced that the company has signed a letter of intent dated September 10, 2018, to acquire Women Grow, a global company that provides connections, education and empowerment for aspiring and current cannabis entrepreneurs and business executives. Founded in 2014 in Denver, Women Grow has had over 50,000 individuals across the U.S and Canada attend its monthly Signature Networking Events and annual Leadership Summit, with an overall reach of over a half of million followers. Currently, Women Grow operates in seventeen (17) markets and continues to expand.


In making the announcement, Renee Gagnon, Founder and CEO of HollyWeed North stated, “For almost four years, it has been my pleasure to share in the phenomenon that is Women Grow. Women are the cornerstone of the cannabis industry and it is HollyWeed North’s goal to ensure that women succeed and thrive in this exciting emerging industry.”

“This is an amazing opportunity for Women Grow and its community. We are pleased to enter into this next phase with HollyWeed North and Renee Gagnon, a highly respected and notable business leader in the cannabis industry. We have enjoyed a long relationship with Renee and look forward to exploring potential expansion opportunities,” said Kristina Garcia, CEO of Women Grow.

Chairwoman of Women Grow’s Board of Managers, Dr. Chanda Macias, says, “This is a monumental and thrilling time for Women Grow. Renee Gagnon has been an integral part of Woman Grow from the beginning. She understands and supports our community.” Macias continues, “Women Grow has been at the forefront of change in the cannabis industry. Here is a unique opportunity for us to further our mission.”

HollyWeed North is a private Canadian company incorporated in British Columbia, established in 2016, with operating subsidiaries specializing in the growth, manufacturing, licensing and production of cannabis and other pharma grade products. HollyWeed North’s subsidiaries include HollyWeed Manufacturing and Extracts Inc. (“Extracts”), a federally dealers’ licensed company incorporated in British Columbia specializing in cannabis extraction and product manufacturing.

NYC Cannabis Parade & Rally Is May 5th

The 47th Annual Parade starts in Midtown and marches to Union Square Park for an afternoon rally

NEW YORK: New York’s longest running annual pro-cannabis event, established by The Youth International Party (Yippies) in 1971, the NYC Cannabis Parade and Rally, returns for its 47th year on May 5.   A powerful roster of elected officials, including two state legislators and three City Council Members, will be speaking from stages in Midtown and Union Square Park throughout the day.

They include:

• Assembly Member Richard Gottfried (State Assembly District 75, Manhattan)

• State Senator Jesse Hamilton (State Senate District 20, Brooklyn/Queens)

• Council Member Rafael F. Espinal (City Council District 37, Brooklyn)

• Council Member Donovan Richards (City Council District 31, Queens

• Council Member Jumaane Williams (City Council District 45, Brooklyn) and a candidate for New York State Lieutenant Governor

NYC Cannabis Parade is May 5

NYC Cannabis Parade is May 5

The Event begins at 11 am with a pro-legalization speak-out at the assembly point at W. 31 St. and Broadway where State Sen. Jesse Hamilton and Council Member Williams will be among the speakers. At 12:30 pm, the parade marches down Broadway to Union Square Park, with speakers and music starting at 1 pm in the park and continuing until 5 pm.

“Nine states and the District of Columbia have decided to legalize and regulate marijuana,” says Senator Hamilton. “By joining these states, New York would allow law enforcement to prioritize real public protection needs. Alongside broken windows policing, our outdated marijuana laws direct police resources, court time and the justice system’s authority at people who are not violent, not dangerous and do not pose a threat to the public. We must continue to work towards the day that New York rejects the deeply flawed policies of the past, embraces sensible reform and passes the Marijuana Regulation and Taxation Act.”

The Marijuana Regulation and Taxation Act is currently being considered by the New York State legislature.  “We must expand out medical marijuana program to include all those who can benefit from its use,” adds Council Member Williams. “We also should rapidly move towards the full legalization of marijuana, expunge state criminal records of past users and create a pathway for all New Yorkers to benefit economically from this industry, not just a select few chosen by the Governor.”

Additional speakers and performers include: 

• Stuart Appelbaum, President, Retail, Wholesale and Department Store Workers (RWDSU)

• Howie Hawkins, Green Party candidate for Governor

• Joel Giambra, Former County Executive of Erie County and candidate for Governor

• Immortal Technique

• Chief Rocker Busy Bee

• Lord Digga da Highsman

• Real One

• Davey Fresh

• Ismael Levi

• Comedian Rob Cantrell

Check out the full lineup of speakers and performers here.

The Event’s emcees are the Cannabis Cultural Association’s Jake Plowden, Nelson Guerrero, Amanda Reyes and Joseph A. Bondy.  The NYC Cannabis Parade & Rally’s Coalition Partners include Drug Policy Alliance, Women Grow NYC, Empire State NORML, Students for Sensible Drug Policy, Hemp Industry Association, Patients Out of Time, Marijuana Business Association and the Green Party of New York State.  The Event sponsors are the Dutch company Sensi Seeds, and Etain Health, one of New York’s medical cannabis providers with dispensaries in Manhattan (142 E. 39 St.), Yonkers and Kingston.

The Cannabrander With Ben Weinberg: Lessons From The Women Grow Leadership Summit

By Benjamin Weinberg

COLORADO: Hundreds of established and up-and-coming cannabis industry leaders came together to share stories and insights in Denver, Colorado, on February 1-2, 2018, at the Women Grow Leadership Summit (WGLS). During two intense days of learning and networking, they connected, educated, and empowered each other at the largest industry largest gathering focused primarily on women. I’m also sure that deals were being made because finding capital is an important element of all business verticals, and Women Grow (WG) helps connect ideas with funding.

As a non-traditional impact investment vehicle, WG fulfills a social mission using a for-profit structure. This is an increasingly important branding strategy in both cannabis and the at-large business world.

Women Grow 

Women Grow was created in Denver, Colorado, in 2014, and serves as a catalyst for women to influence and succeed in the cannabis industry. As the end of marijuana prohibition in the U.S. comes into clearer focus, WG connects, educates, inspires, and empowers the next generation of leaders by creating programs, community, and events for a diverse set of business executives and leaders in all segments of the cannabis industry.

Together, members have started more than 1,000 women-owned businesses in the marijuana industry, and there are monthly events in 35 cities across the U.S. and Canada. A popular Speakers Bureau ensures diversity at industry events and in media coverage, and an online Video Education series creates timely access to relevant content.

The Summit

Women control 85 percent of consumer spending, so it isn’t a stretch to say that female consumers will also come to dominate cannabis purchasing decisions. Therefore, marijuana products and services that women love are bound to rise to the top. But women and minorities are substantially underrepresented in cannabis leadership roles. Hence the need for WGLS.

There were several overlapping threads to this year’s Summit, including equality (women and minorities are underrepresented in cannabis, especially in positions of power), leadership (including the benefits of being together for the Summit), diversity, and navigating the legal issues of cannabis as a mainstream business.

While there was some content distributed on Wednesday, January 31, it was confined to Women Grow Market Leadership and Women Grow Members and consisted primarily of a special workshop, a welcome reception, and a professional development session. Thursday kicked off bright and early with a series of lightning talks. All sorts of topics were covered in short order, including such notables as Climbing in Heels – The Art of Exceeding Self-Expectation, From Target to THC: Confessions of a Corporate-to-Cannabis Crossover, Diversity in Cannabis Report, How-To For Women (Cannabis 101), The Intercultural Conversation – Cannabis Between Cultures, and Why Science Matters.

Friday was devoted to breakout sessions, small panels that included topics such as Addressing Sexual Harassment in The Workplace, Big Brand Insights to Guide Your Canna-business Marketing, Know The Law, Cannabis & the Feminine, Careers in Cannabis After 50 – How to Market Yourself, Investing in the Cannabis Industry, and How Women Grow.

Was It Worth It?

Sister Kate, Sisters of the Valley, an organization that sustains farm operations and compassionate activism by making products for people in a spiritual environment, related that the spiritual healing environment of WGLS, “The entire two days were a euphoric walk in the clouds with angels on angel-missions. Except these angels are of the bad-ass-warrior variety, carrying the most beautiful combination of femininity and strength. Here I found women who do not deny their scars, nor make excuses for their victimizers. Here I met women who re-purpose their own suffering in order to better help and understand others – to better connect and heal others.”

As for her thoughts on how WG approaches empowering underrepresented groups, Sister Kate is not sure what they are doing, but they are doing it well, “because we were so pleased to see the mix of colors and genders and ethnicities and religious beliefs. It was a beautiful tapestry of color in the conference. The women of color that we spoke with – many have had terrible hardship to overcome. Amazing stories that made my life look like a cake-walk. Their pure-bred warrior strength and courage is something to salute and something that brought tears to my eyes. We will definitely be back every year.”

Just Show Up

Sister Kate further advises newbies to “Show up. Just show up. You will heal from the experience. You will be healed, you will be strengthened, you will leave a Viking Warrioress intent on claiming her own bliss. Just show up. That’s all you have to do. The energy bath is incredible and might remain with you the rest of your life.”

Toward that end, this year’s Women Grow Leadership Summit focused on transforming careers in the cannabis industry. At the end, attendees left with a plethora of meaningful connections and vital industry knowledge that should ignite much success.


While there were some significant changes in the command structure of Women Grow that were announced at the Summit (Dr. Chanda Macias, CEO of National Holistic Center, has been named as Women Grow’s new Chairwoman of the Board of Managers, and Garcia’s second-in-command, Director of Communications Gia Morón, will be assuming a new position as Executive Vice President), the organization’s mission remains the same – to empower women and others who want to make a difference in the world of legal cannabis. It’s a textbook example of how an impact investment approach can be a highly successful branding strategy while also doing good in the world.

Ben Weinberg, JD, MBA, the President of Ben Weinberg Consultants, has more than 30 years of experience in harnessing his creativity to tell your company’s story, including strategic and tactical marketing, sales, operational, and administrative consulting for small- and medium-size businesses across diverse industries such as law, medicine, wellness, leisure, and hospitality.

Women Grow Launches WomenGrow TV With LOOT Interactive On Twitch TV

Exclusive Programming, Networking Events, Interviews & Behind-the-Scenes at 2018 Leadership Summit

COLORADO: Women Grow, the cannabis industry’s largest professional networking organization, is expanding its media presence with its new channel on Twitch.tv. The online channel will officially launch during the Women Grow 2018 Leadership Summit in Denver this February 1 and 2.  WomenGrow TV (WGTV) will feature exclusive 2018 Summit content and programming that has never been available to the public. The channel will bring original programming featuring women across the country and Canada in leadership positions in the canna-industry, as well as exclusive content from Women Grow meetings & events–access previously only granted to Women Grow members.

“We are excited to announce WomenGrow TV in partnership with LOOT Interactive; this channel will be dedicated to the cannabis industry, and led by women,” said Kristina Garcia, CEO of Women Grow. “Our channel will provide viewers an inside look to programming focused on cannabis startups, wellness, one-on-one interviews with industry leaders, Women Grow Signature Networking meetings, and more. WomenGrow TV will be the first channel fully dedicated to women and women led businesses in the cannabis industry.”

WGTV is a natural fit for Twitch,” said LOOT Interactive’s Managing Director, David Sterling. “We’re thrilled to help bring Women Grow to Twitch’s global audience and help empower entrepreneurs with female-oriented content about the cannabis industry that’s both relevant and entertaining.” In addition to being the development house for the Twitch PlayStation app, LOOT Interactive is a publisher and developer of video games, OTT apps, VR experiences, and high-profile Twitch channels. Clients include Twitch, Red Bull Media House, the NBA, NHL, MLB, Buzz Aldrin, the Harold Lloyd Estate, and many more.

WomenGrow TV soft launched in early December 2017  and currently has  programming  streaming on its platform from 2017 Leadership Summit Lightning Talks, popular video archives, and personal profiles of Women Grow’s leadership team.  The full content of Leadership Summit’s signature “Lightning Talks” will be made available following the completion of the 2018 event.

Twitch is a live streaming video platform owned by Twitch Interactive, a subsidiary of Amazon.com, launched in June 2011.

To learn more about the Women Grow 2018 Leadership Summit or to purchase tickets, visit womengrow.com/summit/. All events will be held at The Westin Denver Downtown, centrally located at 1672 Lawrence Street, Denver, CO.

CEO Leah Heise Resigns From Women Grow

NEW JERSEY: Women Grow, the cannabis industry’s largest professional networking organization, announces leadership changes. Leah Heise, Chief Executive Officer and Maryland regulatory compliance attorney has stepped down effective immediately. Heise is the recipient of a Maryland Dispensary pre-approval and will depart from her role as CEO to focus on the requirements to open her family-owned business. She will retain equity in the company and continue to vote along with Women Grow stakeholders on certain major decisions regarding its organization and expenditures.

Jane West, Founder of Women Grow said, “We fully support Leah on her decision to step down as CEO. Although saddened we respect her decision and wish her the best as she focuses on her dispensary. We see this opportunity as yet another example of women making powerful moves within this industry.” West continues, “During Leah’s time with Women Grow she made incredible strides in restructuring our organization and elevating our mission to another level. We greatly appreciate her leadership and look forward to hearing more from her in the near future.”

The interim CEO will be Kristina “Kay” Neoushoff the organizations current Chief Operating Officer. Neoushoff will continue to cover the day-to-day operation as well as implement the plans to expand the organization’s mission of educating, connecting, inspiring and empowering diverse leaders for the cannabis industry. She will continue to develop the company’s infrastructure, overseeing the development of financial and marketing strategies, and implement growth-oriented changes while remaining true to the Founders mission.

Neoushoff joined Women Grow in 2015 as Director of Operations. She has worked solely to manage several areas including Human Resources, Technology and Customer Support. Her role is to identify processes, select tools, and implement strategies to support the company’s rapid growth. Neoushoff has more than 15 years of experience studying and designing systems within various companies such as Apple, Tekserve and Estee Lauder Companies. Neoushoff is a New Jersey native and Rutgers University graduate.

“Kay is the best person for this role as we go through transition. She is familiar with the organization and continues to exercise her leadership skills,” said Heise. “Kay has been instrumental in our plans to build an incredible platform for market leaders across Women Grow. We have full confidence she will do well and has our full support during this time.”

In February, Women Grow held its fourth Leadership Summit attracting close to eight hundred attendees in Denver, Colorado. Since its inception in 2014, Women Grow has seen rapid growth, demonstrating a distinct demand for organization design to support women leaders in the cannabis industry. Under this new leadership, the organization will continue to rollout plans for expansion to create a robust business model for all markets in the U.S. and Canada.

Marijuana Growers Focus On Branding To Fetch Premium Prices For What They Say Is Premium Product

OREGON: Sara Batterby looks forward to the day her marijuana is treated like produce in a Portland grocery store – where cage-free eggs are a dollar more than plain eggs and organic tomatoes from the Willamette Valley are a cut above ones from California.

Batterby is chief executive of Hifi Farms in Portland, which grows pot indoors using organic techniques. But her specialty crop doesn’t fetch a higher price the way organic food would.

“You can have someone growing very average product, covering it with pesticides and chemicals, and their product is valued in the current market the same way my product is valued – which is 100 percent organic, clean, sustainable,” said Batterby, who is also president of the Portland chapter of Women Grow, which promotes what it calls cannabis entrepreneurs.


Suburban Moms Selling Weed Is No Longer Just A TV plotline

COLORADO:  Suburban moms selling marijuana is no longer just the plotline of the Showtime series “Weeds”. It’s a growing reality.

Women are increasingly entering the marijuana market as business owners and customers, as the legal obstacles are gradually cleared and retail spaces grow in number.

Women Grow, a Denver-based industry network for women in the cannabis market, estimates that about 20% of marijuana business owners in the U.S. are female. (Women-owned companies comprise about 30% of all U.S. businesses, but as the majority are nonprofit, they account for just 4% of overall business revenue, according to a 2014 report by the National Association of Women Business Owners.)

In Colorado, the proportion of women in the medical marijuana patient population has grown to 35% in 2015 from 28.5% in 2009, a trend Cassandra Farrington, chief executive of Marijuana Business Media, says extends nationwide.


Women In Pot Business Gather In Bend, Oregon

OREGON:  Lisa Page, a former Dairy Queen manager in Missoula, Montana, recently moved to Central Oregon, after a short stint in New Jersey, to grow marijuana for Lunchbox Alchemy, a Bend business run by her daughter and son-in-law.

Page and her partner bought 30 acres near Alfalfa and plan on putting in a crop, she said. The marijuana they intend to grow will be processed, the active ingredients extracted and turned into medicinal products.

“We’re just going to do our best to grow the different strains of marijuana,” said Page, 61. “When David, (her partner), and I came out, we asked point blank, ‘what is the part of your business holding you back?’

“Supply,” was the answer.

Page and her daughter, Ashlie Yee, 35, were among about 40 people, mostly women, at the first local gathering Thursday of Women Grow, a nationwide group of women marijuana entrepreneurs.


Mother’s High Tea With Cannabis Maven Susan Squibb

COLORADO:  Women are rewriting the social rules regarding marijuana use, and driving innovation in the emerging legal cannabis industry.  To celebrate and pay tribute to them, Denver-based 4 & 20 Blackbird Productions and organizers Cannabis Maven Susan Squibb and Christie Lunsford will play host to  the 3rd Biennial Mother’s High Tea, a networking event for women and mothers in cannabis.

MJNewsNetwork asked Susan Squibb about the event, and much more.

Q: What is Mother’s High Tea?

Mother’s High Tea is a tea party around Mother’s Day for the inspirational pioneering women and mothers of cannabis legalization and our fast growing community. It’s based in Denver, Colorado.  The first Mother’s High Tea, in 2011 began as a community event.   The original event inspiration was my mother who was active in the nonprofit community serving women and children’s needs. When she passed away from ovarian cancer, I created this event within my own community in homage to her positive influence and gather the busy cannabis business women together for an inspiring tea party around Mother’s Day.  The next Mother’s High Tea doubled as the launch of Women’s CannaBusiness Network, a project of National Cannabis Industry Association. This women’s group, 2 years later developed into Women Grow. Mother’s High Tea is a trailblazing cannabis event!

Q: Who will be speaking?

Cannabis business women, AC Braddock CEO of Washington based Eden Labs and Kristi Kelly, Principal of Good Meds Network in Metro Denver are speaking at this year’s event. Our keynote speaker is Republican Senator Beth Martinez Humenik from Adams County, Colorado. Diane Fornbacher, publisher of Ladybud Magazine will inspire with poetry and cannabis educator and consultant, Christie Lunsford, is sharing MC duties with me. It’s an exciting lineup of accomplished women, I’m eager to hear what Senator Humenik will say!

Q: Who should attend?

This event is for women and mothers in cannabis business and legal reform. It’s a networking event with a speaker program and event activities.   Mothers can bring their children, if they like. Due to compliance issues for public cannabis events, we have a limited capacity for minors, so children need to be preregistered to attend. Those arrangements can be made when tickets are purchased. Men are welcome to attend too!

Q: The event was produced by 4 & 20 Blackbirds Productions —your event production company — tell us about that.

Mother’s High Tea, as a non-consumption event, has been the only 4 & 20 Blackbirds event so far. I have plans to organize other cannabis events, more on the cultural side, but the laws in Denver are strict and not conducive to public events with allowed consumption. Here in the Denver area, people in marijuana “speakeasies” can get tickets for public consumption by police, and events have been cancelled or moved under pressure from officials. It’s unstable and still largely underground right now. The private use only aspect of the Colorado legalization law is not based on actual behavior. Cannabis culture is social and needs to also be legalized. Ideally, I want to be able to get a marijuana event permit, just like a permit is needed to sell alcohol at an event.

Q: You wear a lot of hats — Cannabis Maven, Operations Director of Steep Hill Labs, SAFER activist, event planner — how do you manage to balance it all? 

I don’t wear all my hats at the same time! But life can get hectic, juggling it all. Meditation is an important balance. I can do a lot because I am deeply motivated to make positive change for this plant. This is my inspiration for my legal reform work.  I feel really blessed to have many opportunities to describe and impact cannabis laws, expand the legal marketplace and increase consumer safety. I think of great ideas to manifest, look for good projects to work on, and support worthwhile businesses that add value to the scene and develop business and social infrastructure.

Q: The event is open to well-dressed men and well-behaved children…what is your thinking?

Yes, this is primarily a lady’s event. We don’t exclude men, especially men that recognize the importance of the event and want to lend support to the women of this community!  We do ask the men to dress nice! Cannabis business is usually a casually dressed environment, lots of t shirt and jeans. We want to everyone looking sharp for the ladies!  Mothers can bring their children the Mother’s High Tea. We design the event with kids in mind. We have a letter writing table for encouraging political engagement, a craft table to decorate teapot ornaments, tea time word searches, and a fun photo booth. Many cannabis businesses in Colorado are run by families. This public event is an opportunity for them to bring their children, or parents,  to a cannabis event that is appropriate and safe and stylish.

Q: Who are your sponsors?

We have over 35 business sponsors for the event representing a wide range of businesses within the cannabis industry. MJBA Women’s Alliance has been an enthusiastic sponsor of Mother’s High Tea and special thanks to our lunch, photo booth and platinum sponsors: Mary Medicinal’s, Julie’s Natural Edibles, MiNDFUL, Steep Hill, The Farm, Ideal 420 Soil, and Northern Lights Cannabis Co.

Here’s all the sponsors! Mary Medicinals, Julie’s Natural Edibles, MiNDFUL, Steep Hill, The Farm, Ideal 420 Soil, Northern Lights, McAllister Law Office, Dixie, Good Meds Network, Canyon Cultivation, Miller Soil, Live Green, CannaMart, Surna, MJ Freeway, Denver Relief, Lauren Davis Law, The ArcView Group, The Clinic,  Better Baked, Vicente/Sederberg, CMT Laboratories, Cloverleaf University, 420 Investor, SSDP and DPA, BMB Builders, 3D Cannabis Center,  The Hemp Connoisseur Magazine, Ladybud Magazine, Buds and Blossoms, Cannabis Camera, 4 & 20 Blackbirds, Women Grow, MJBA Women’s Alliance, Wildwood Apothecary, and Sara C’s it Social Media.

Q: Women Grow, MJBA Women’s Alliance, Ladybud, why do you think women in the cannabis have taken such a visible leadership role in shaping a post-prohibition world.  

Women have been involved in cannabis reform for a long time. The change in the laws has made it a more comfortable space for women to openly come forward as advocates for legal reform, and executives in cannabis business.  Also, women are important thought leaders for the future we are creating right now. We have a social norm we believe that moms look out for our safety and if mom says something is ok to do, then it’s safe and ok.  The opinions of moms and women will shape what appropriate social use is like in a society of legalized marijuana. Women play an important role in removing stigmas that surround marijuana.  Also, the needs of women consumers will have a big impact on market development, so businesses need to be forecasting for women consumers.

Q: Feel free to add anything else you feel would be relevant to MJ News Network readers.

Anyone who believes cannabis laws should change can have a big impact by simply talking about your support within your social circles. Fear of what others think or fear of being stereotyped as a lazy pothead, unfit mother whatever has stifled public conversations supporting legalization. These everyday conversations aren’t about personal consumption or someone wanting to get high. There are many convincing arguments for legalization- medical research and patient access, social justice issues and the racial disparity of prisoners serving time for nonviolent marijuana offenses, or the missed tax revenue for what currently is the biggest cash crop in the US. We can all contribute to the groundswell of support for legal reform by telling our neighbors and community members our support and in doing so, we reflect the normalcy of the people wanting legal reform in the US. There is a lot of work that still needs to happen, let’s use this current momentum to have a big impact on restoring this useful plant into modern life.