Will Legalization Spark Marijuana Research?

WASHINGTON: In a secluded lab in Pullman, furry vermin are providing startling revelations about marijuana and its effects on the sexes.

Rebecca Craft, a researcher at Washington State University, has been studying the creatures, male and female rats, to see if they react differently to the drug.

And it looks like she’s on to something, especially when it comes to THC, the chemical in marijuana that creates a sense of euphoria for recreational users. It’s a finding that women who use the plant may want to consider, she said.

“Female (rats) show a spike in THC (sensitivity) right around the time they’re ovulating,” she said. “I suspect that’s true in humans too, but there are no studies on that yet.”

Pot-Smoking Moms Tired Of Being Judged By Wine Drinkers

Every night, Margaret’s two boys fly into the house after sports practice and flip on the TV, while she races to the kitchen to get dinner cooking. “It’s that tedious witching hour when I feel incredibly frazzled,” says the Tennessee singer/songwriter mom of a 6- and an 8-year-old. But instead of pouring herself a glass or two of merlot, she heads to the standalone garage next to their house for a few puffs of Humboldt Kush, one of the four strains of pot she smokes seven days a week. [Read more…]

I Don't Want Alzheimer's Disease

Well my goodness, I do learn something new every day. Did you know the cannabinoid HU 210 has been shown to prevent amyloid beta-promoted inflammation? The endocannabinoids anandamide and noladin ether have also been shown the be neuroprotective against amyloid beta in vitro. That means blocking amyloids in early Alzheimer’s has a profound effect on slowing the disease progression of Alzheimer’s! [Read more…]

Ladies, Take Root!

There is an ugly side to the Seattle cannabis movement.

There are lawsuits and name calling, and narking and threats. People from other states probably think we lavish each other congratulatory back slaps with the passage of I-502. (That, in addition to smoking the very best weed in the entire universe, of course.)

But no. There are egos, agendas, paranoia and bottom lines. A few individuals are hacking their way through the movement, creating discourse and distraction. It’s shocking how ugly this side of a revolution can be. To affect change, you gotta bang on some cages and throw poop at people, I suppose. [Read more…]