Winnipeg Police Arrest Owner And Patient At Medical Marijuana Dispensary

CANADA:  Glenn Price, the owner of a medical marijuana dispensary on Main Street, has been arrested, along with his wife and a patient who was using the dispensary.

The trio were arrested Tuesday morning, according to a staff member at Your Medical Cannabis Headquarters.

William Bell, the caretaker for the business, cleaning a bong when police came in.

He said as Price was ushered to the back room and arrested he asked Bell to get in touch with the media.

Trudeau Voices Support For Regulated Marijuana Dispensaries

CANADA:  Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau says marijuana storefronts, like the one selling medical pot on Main Street in Winnipeg, should be allowed to operate.

At a Liberal campaign office just blocks away from the controversial shop, Trudeau reiterated his pledge to legalize marijuana if elected.

He says by licensing and restricting the sale, it keeps the drugs out of the hands of kids and criminals.

“We have to create an entire system that controls and regulates marijuana that will include medical marijuana and properly licensed dispensaries.  How we go about doing that will be deeply informed by the lessons learned by the United States and other places so we build the right model for Canada,” said Trudeau.

Medical Marijuana Activists Protest Pot-Store Closure At Police HQ

CANADA:  Marijuana users were doing more than blowing smoke outside Winnipeg police headquarters Monday morning. They were protesting the closure of Your Medical Cannabis Headquarters, a marijuana store on Main Street.

A handful of people lit up joints outside the Public Safety Building in Winnipeg Monday to show their displeasure with police for closing the store two weeks after it opened.

Glenn Price, the store owner, said he only provides marijuana to people with appropriate medical documents. He plans to reopen the store at 11 a.m. Tuesday despite the shutdown, and supporters have promised to build a human chain barring police from the store.