CASP Terpestival Seeks Submissions

WASHINGTON: On Thursday, July 23, 2015 the Center for the Study of Cannabis and Society (CASP) will be hosting, Terpestival, a day of hands-on education for cannabis industry professionals, consumer and others interested in whole plant science.

According to organizers, Terpestival will be held at 1222 S Angelo Street, Seattle, and will focus on understanding terpenoid and cannabinoid constituents in the cannabis plant.  This event is dedicated to evidence- cannabinoid science will follow a keynote talk from Dr, Ethan Russo.  Terpestival is intended to provide growers and processors an opportunity to test and present measurable information about their flower and extracts, and move the conversation beyond THC.

As part of the festival, CASP will be hosting a Terpene Crown competition, as  an opportunity for growers and solvent-less concentrate producers to present their top genetics and extracts, and to compete against others in the medical and adult use cannabis industries.

“The Terpene Crown is part of the Terpestival and intended to highlight the quantitative science behind the quality of the Cannabis,” Wendy Maguire, media coordinator for the event told us. “We’re really excited about this part of the event.”

Participants must submit test samples to Herban Legends by July 6th, 2015.

Herban Legends

9619 16th Ave SW


Cost of entry is $100.00, and scholarships are available.