Washington Farmer Offers A Ton Of Legal Pot For Sale

WASHINGTON:  A Washington state farmer is selling off a ton of marijuana — literally 2,000 pounds worth — to the highest bidder in one of the first large-scale legal pot auctions in modern American history.

On Saturday, Randy Williams of Fireweed Farm in Prosser, Wash., will offer for sale the marijuana he’s been growing all summer. Most legal marijuana in Colorado and Washington, the only states with legal recreational marketplaces, is grown indoors under electricity-hogging lights in much smaller batches.

Colorado’s marijuana growers this fall harvested their first crops of outdoor-grown cannabis, and now farmers like Williams are bringing their pot to market in Washington. At retail prices, Williams’ crop could be worth $6 million. Many of the plants are a dozen-feet tall, grown in the wine region just north of the Columbia River Valley in south-central Washington.

“It’s like regular farming — you grow in the spring and summer, harvest in the fall and then you go to Cabo for the winter,” joked Greg James, publisher of the industry magazine Marijuana Venture.