Washington’s Pot Adviser Urges Congress To Stop Commercial Marijuana, But Not Legal Marijuana

“The combination of the Controlled Substances Act and state-level legalization creates a conflict: The states are licensing individuals and firms to commit federal felonies.”

WASHINGTON: The top adviser in Washington’s effort to create a legal marijuana market was asked by the U.S. Senate Judiciary Committee to submit his thoughts on “Conflicts Between State and Federal Marijuana Laws.”

Washington State Unveils Recreational Pot Rules

An American flag flies atop the stage at the first day of Hempfest.

WASHINGTON: Recreational pot users in Washington state would have as many as 334 stores where they would be able to buy marijuana for their smoking pleasure, and the first could open as early as next spring under new regulations released this week.

The News Tribune Opinion: From Justice, a serious approach to legal pot

U.S. Attorneys Jenny Durkan of Seattle and Mike Ormsby of Spokane are traveling to Olympia to speak with Gov. Jay Inslee and Attorney General Bob Ferguson.

WASHINGTON: After taking its own sweet time — almost 10 months — to respond to initiatives that legalized marijuana in Washington and Colorado, the Obama administration finally got it right.

R.I.P. Sweet Friend

When he told me last year that he had liver cancer, I immediately told him about Rick Simpson Oil. I begged him … please… I don’t want to lose you.

My friend of ten years died today. He had liver cancer, was 52 years old, and survived by a confused wife, five kids, and one grandchild. Cannabis did not save his life, because he wouldn’t try it. When he told me last year that he had liver cancer, I immediately told him about Rick Simpson Read the full article…

Local growers, advocates celebrate feds' marijuana stance

In a letter to Governor Jay Inslee, the U.S. Attorney General wrote the “Department of Justice…will not at this time seek to challenge your state’s law…”

WASHINGTON: Local marijuana growers and advocates celebrated the federal government’s announcement that the Department of Justice would not sue Washington or Colorado to stop the states from allowing recreational marijuana use.

Pot Prohibition: The End Game is No Federal Schedule

Hempfest is a partnership for a free society. By instituting proven harm reduction messaging, a free society can do a much better job at fighting abuse, dependency and addiction than this catastrophic failure known as American prohibition, which squanders tax payer dollars and has put more citizens in jail than any nation in human history.

Since 1972, there have been many proposals in the U. S. to remove cannabis from Schedule I of the Controlled Substances Act, the most tightly restricted category reserved for drugs which have “no currently accepted medical use.” Cannabis does not meet the Controlled Substances Act’s strict criteria for placement in Schedule I, and therefore the Read the full article…

Colorado's weed problems could spell trouble for marijuana legalization

It’s had one hearing before the House Health and Human Services Committee, but no vote had been scheduled as of late Monday afternoon.

COLORADO: At first glance, Colorado’s medical marijuana industry seems like an unmitigated success story. Hundreds of dispensaries and grow houses have sprouted up since the state began taxing weed sales three years ago, bringing in millions of dollars in extra revenue. Colorado’s fiscal windfall has led many to herald its program as a model for other states to Read the full article…

Bellevue City Council takes steps on marijuana use

A  Hempfest pro-pot march:  When marijuana was legalized in 2012, the cause was boosted by former U.S. attorneys, prosecutors and an FBI veteran.

WASHINGTON: The Bellevue City Council on Monday took a step toward establishing interim zoning regulations related to the legalization of recreational marijuana use, as well as permanent regulations for medical cannabis collective gardens.

Legalizing marijuana is hard. Regulating a pot industry is even harder

Washington State legalized recreational marijuana, now it regulate the new industry

WASHINGTON:  It’s not every day that a former Microsoft executive holds a press conference to announce his new venture into the exciting and profitable world of drug dealing. But that’s exactly what happened earlier this month when Jamen Shively, a former Microsoft corporate strategy manager, announced that he wants to create the equivalent of Starbucks in the Read the full article…