Washington State Liquor and Cannabis Board CCRS Timeline, Milestones and Updates

CCRS Timeline, Milestones and Updates

CCRS testing and development has been well underway since our initial communications about the project. The CCRS team has developed some major milestones and goals for CCRS before, during and after launch. With about a month to go before CCRS deployment, please review some of the expectations and upcoming deadlines below. 

Third Party Integrator Approval Process

On Oct. 27, 2021, the LCB sent a message to licensees and integrators regarding the newly developed Third Party Integrator Approval Process. Steps for approval were detailed in that message and are listed on the LCB CCRS web page. Integrators interested in being added to the approved integrator list should follow the approval process and submit their applications by Nov. 22, 2021 for full consideration. Integrators currently involved in the testing process will still need to gain approval through the process listed on the LCB CCRS Approval Process web page.

Access to the CCRS Test Environment for All Users Testing access in the CCRS system has been ongoing for the past few weeks. You will continue to have access moving forward for setting up your system and continued testing. Integrators will lose access to the test environment effective Nov. 22, 2021, if they have not followed the Third Party Integrator Approval Process.

Leaf Decommission

LCB will be decommissioning use of Leaf at a later date. Please keep an eye on upcoming LCB communications for more information about the decommission of Leaf for reporting purposes. The LCB will be sending a reminder to stop using Leaf after the successful deployment of CCRS in December.

CCRS Launch Expectations

CCRS will launch the file submission and Manifest web form on Dec. 6, 2021. Licensees will be notified as well when CCRS is live. Reporting should transition to the CCRS and Leaf will be decommissioned shortly thereafter.

CCRS Manifest web form The Manifest form is available for testing until Dec. 1, 2021, you can find it on the LCB website here. The same link will be available for use when the system launches on December 6, 2021. 

Communications with the CCRS Team

Staff is monitoring the ccrs@lcb.wa.gov inbox regularly and have continued to update the Frequently Asked Questions page with relevant questions. Please make sure to review the FAQs to see if a submitted question has been answered by a content expert.

The testcannabisreport@lcb.wa.gov is also regularly monitored by Information Technology staff who are working with approved testers to address bugs and issues that have arisen throughout the test process. These email addresses will be decommissioned at a later date, after the successful launch of CCRS.

Questions and assistance

Washington State Tavern Suspended For Cannabis Use & COVID-19 Violations

Emergency Suspension Issued for Loggers Inn, Sultan WA
Suspension due to repeated public safety violations

WASHINGTON: The state Liquor and Cannabis Board (LCB) today issued an emergency suspension of the license for Loggers Inn for repeated public safety violations of state COVID-19 guidelines and a violation for allowing cannabis use on premises.

Licensee: Loggers Inn, 215 Main St. Sultan, WA 98294

The Loggers Inn has had four violations since Dec. 2019; three related to COVID-19 violations and one violation for allowing cannabis to be consumed on the premises.

  • Violation issued on Dec. 14, 2019:  Cannabis use on the premises
  • Violation issued on Aug. 28, 2020:  COVID-19 violations
  • Violation issued on Sept. 25, 2020: COVID-19 violations
  • Violation occurred on Oct. 24. 2020: COVID-19 violations

On multiple occasions, LCB officers provided education to the licensee about compliance with state law. While the licensee informed officers on at least two occasions he would comply with the state COVID-19 order, follow-up visits showed they were not complying. During an LCB visit on Oct. 24, 2020 officers observed approximately 30 customers and two employees not wearing masks and no social distancing was in effect. Prominent signage notified customers that the business was not following or requiring adherence to the requirements of health or other authorities regarding masks or social distancing. For these reasons the Board voted unanimously to authorize an emergency suspension of the Loggers Inn license.

The LCB educates licensees to reach compliance and enforces Washington’s liquor, cannabis, vape and tobacco laws and regulations. The WSLCB is mandated to ensure that licensees in Washington State follow state laws and regulations. When licensees fail to comply with state law, the Board, under state authority can take action including the issuance of suspensions to ensure public health and safety.

Washington: WSLCB Virtual Listen and Learn Forum: Rules Regarding Tier 1 Producer Licensing, Session #1

WASHINGTON: The Washington State Liquor and Cannabis Board (WSLCB) is hosting two Listen and Learn forums about the current rules regarding marijuana producer licenses, specifically the consideration of revisions and new rule sections that would incrementally expand the plant canopy square footage allowed for licensed Tier 1 producers. This is the first of two planned sessions. Session #1 will cover WAC 314-55-075 Sections 1 through 5. Session #2 will focus on Sections 6 through 11. The full text of WAC 314-55-075 is provided here.

Please join us virtually on Tuesday, June 23, 2020, from 1:00 p.m. until 3:00 p.m. via WebEx in alignment with guidance and recommendations issued by the Governor’s office.

As you may recall, the Board began to consider revisions to existing producer license rules by initiating a formal rule inquiry on December 18, 2019. The Pre-proposal Statement of Inquiry filed by the Liquor and Cannabis Board may be found here.

The Board has received requests from medical marijuana patients and segments of the industry to increase the availability of Department of Health (DOH) compliant product in licensed retail stores. The Board has also learned that smaller producers are concerned about business sustainability based on canopy space restrictions. Recognizing this, the Board would like to explore the ways that it can support Tier 1 producer business viability. Revisions considered may also include clarifying and technical updates to existing rule within the scope of this topic.

An agenda is attached to help you prepare. Please come prepared to offer feedback and suggestions regarding this rule section.

If you wish to join us virtually, we’d like to offer the following reminders:

  • Virtual participation will be structured to allow one speaker at a time though the hand-raising feature on WebEx.
  • If you experience difficulty with audio or visual elements of virtual participation, please be patient.

Please remember that we are still in the developmental phase of rule-making, and there are not yet any proposed or final rules amendments. To help you prepare for this listen/learn/contribute forum, please review the guidance document prepared for this and future forums.

Questions? Contact Casey Schaufler at casey.schaufler@lcb.wa.gov

To join the WebEx meeting online:


To join the WebEx meeting via audio conference only:

Toll Free: 1-855-929-3239
Access Code: 133 082 7909

WSLCB Issues Marijuana Packaging & Labeling: Rules And Process Update

Dear Stakeholders:

As you may know, we have been working on revisions to marijuana packaging and labeling rules. We filed a CR-101 on May 29, 2019, to consider two rule making petitions, further discuss the addition of board interim polices 05-2018, 07-2018, 08-2018, 09-2018, and 10-2018 to implement Engrossed Senate Substitute Bill (ESSB) 5298.

ESSB 5298 allows additional information on the packaging and labeling of marijuana products to assist consumers when making purchases of these products. The additional information may include structure and function claims on Department of Health (DOH) compliant products, as well as directions or recommended conditions of use, or a warning that describes the product’s psychoactive effect for all marijuana products.

Stakeholder engagement is encouraged during the rule development process.  The Liquor and Cannabis Board anticipates hosting facilitated listen and learn sessions in September and October, and invites your feedback on draft conceptual rules that will be released in mid-September.

While we are in the rule development phase, packaging submissions containing information associated with ESSB 5298 will not be accepted.  It is early in the process and the effective date of ESSB 5298 is January 1, 2020. We anticipate accepting this type of packaging and labeling submission described in ESSB 5298 starting December 2019 following rule adoption, but before the anticipated rule effective date of January 1, 2020. We ask that you hold any packaging and labeling submissions related to ESSB 5298 until that time.

Thank you for your continued partnership and commitment to the rule development process.

Questions? Contact the Licensing Division – Label Approval at labelapproval@lcb.wa.gov.

Washington State Year One Canopy Report Available Online

WASHINGTON:  The Washington State Liquor and Cannabis Board Year One Canopy Report is now available on the LCB website.

The Year One Canopy Report was completed to reflect the results of a canopy survey. The canopy survey was developed at the request of LCB board members in the fall of 2017. The Canopy Project focused on the collection of relevant data from all producers, with an analysis of licensed space utilization.

LCB Canopy Report

During the first year, the Canopy Team attempted to survey 1,155 licensees. The team completed 792 surveys, encountered 254 licensees that reported no canopy, and was unable to survey 109 licensees. The 792 completed surveys consisted of 778 staff surveys and 14 drone surveys. The data indicates that, on average, both indoor and outdoor canopy space is underutilized. The team did encounter licensees producing above their allotted licensed canopy space, however those observations were a small percentage of all observations.

Detailed results and interpretation are available in this report.

Washington State Legal Cannabis By The Numbers: February 1, 2018 – May 24, 2018

WASHINGTON:  The below statistics cover activity in Leaf Data Systems for the time period between February 1, 2018 and May 24, 2018.

The below statistics cover activity in Leaf Data Systems for the time period between February 1, 2018 and May 24, 2018.

The below statistics cover activity in Leaf Data Systems for the time period between February 1, 2018 and May 24, 2018.

Washington State By The Numbers

WASHINGTON: The Washington State Liquor and Cannabis board have released the most recent statistics from Leaf Data Systems, detailing all commercial activity for the time period between February 1, 2018 and April 26, 2018.

Washington consumers purchased more than half a billion dollars of legal cannabis during the 90-day period, making nearly 13 million purchases.


The latest marketplace statistics from Washington State

The latest marketplace statistics from Washington State

Cannabis Industry Ambassador-At-Large: Twenty22Many Art Auction

Twenty22Many is a Washington-based Veterans group, born out of the old Medical Marijuana Collective model that preceded recreational cannabis in Washington State.

The mission of the Twenty22Many is “By All Means Necessary – End Veteran Suicide.” Founder Patrick Saint, and other volunteer veterans are committed to raising awareness about the extremely high suicide rates among our military veterans — it is reported that 22 daily suicides occur daily in America.

Patrick and his group of Veteran volunteers turned to Washington State’s newly licensed recreational cannabis community for help. Together, they created the Twenty22Many Veteran Support Depot Program to offer vets a safe haven and access to resources.

If a veteran walks through the door of a participating retailer in need of anything, they will be given a flyer with valuable contact information on it.  Once contacted, Twenty22Many will promptly dispatch a veteran volunteer and resources to that veteran in need.  Twenty22Many Veteran Support Depot Program essentially converts participating I-502 stores into little Veteran hubs all over the state.

I grew up in a military family. Both my father and a sister served in the armed forces, and so I was especially excited to join Twenty22Many at their annual fundraiser as a guest of the founder.  The auction was held at Heylo Cannabis Extractions in Sodo Seattle.

These works are like DMT meet LSD

These works are like DMT meet LSD

The evening started off with an art auction. The featured artist was Adream, whose work is so detailed and inspiring. These works were both colorful and spiritual in some mystical way — like DMT meet LSD.

I also attended a glass blowing event earlier, hosted by Weekend Unlimited, Jerome Baker Designs and Leafly. Jason Harris of JBD Glass graciously donated a wonderful JBD bong to Patrick and Twenty22Many for auction at the evening event.


Jason Harris of JBD Glass so graciously donated a wonderful JBD bong to Patrick and the Twenty22Many.

Jason Harris of JBD Glass so graciously donated a wonderful JBD bong to Patrick and the Twenty22Many.

I was given the extreme honor to present Patrick with a Challenge Coin. In the military, challenge coins are often offered to visiting dignitaries or guest of a unit or platoon.  This particular coin was given to me by Four-Star General “Skip” Dreps, a well-known Veterans advocate who works with the Disabled Veterans of the Pacific Northwest. General Dreps is a good friend of Jake The Professor who always jumps at the chance to help his fellow brothers in arms.

Thank you to Heylo Canbabis Extractions, the Space Shuttle, and Twenty22Many for helping us understand the needs of the veterans community and offering us an opportunity help.

Patrick Saint and Twenty22Many need our support to carry out this very important mission. I invite you to work with us to reduce suicide rates within the Veterans community.  Please reach out to Twenty22Many in Olympia to participate in this life saving program.


WSLCB 2017 Legislative Fact Sheets Now Available

WASHINGTON: Fact sheets detailing new alcohol and marijuana related laws from the 2017 legislative session are now available on the Liquor and Cannabis Board’s website.

Where available/relevant the fact sheets also contain information about the agency’s process to implement these changes. If you have additional questions please contact Customer Serviceat (360) 664-1600.

2017 Legislation