First Legal Harvest Of Marijuana Fueling Gray Market For Pot In U.S. Capitol

 September 12 at 9:08 PM

DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA: In upper Northwest Washington, marijuana buds the size of zucchinis hang drying in a room once reserved for yoga. In the Shaw neighborhood, pot grown in a converted closet sits meticulously trimmed, weighed and sealed in jars. Elsewhere, from Georgetown to Capitol Hill to Congress Heights, seven-leafed weeds are flowering in bedrooms, back yards and window boxes.

Welcome to the first crop of legal pot in the nation’s capital — where residents may grow and possess marijuana but are still forbidden to sell it.

In recent weeks, a small army of mostly novice gardeners who took up growing when the District legalized marijuana in February have begun to roll, pack and smoke the joints, bongs and bowls of their labor. By one estimate, they have collectively grown upward of 100 pounds with a street value north of a ­half-million dollars — far more than most of these amateur cultivators are likely to consume on their own.


WA State Liquor Board Releases Names Of First Rec Marijuana License Applicants

WASHINGTON: The Washington State Liquor Control Board has released the names of the first wave of applicants looking to enter the commercial marijuana market with eight looking to set up business in Bellevue, so far.

WSLCB opened the application process for prospective marijuana producers, processors and retailers on Nov. 20 with a Dec. 19 deadline to apply. The city of Bellevue is allowed four marijuana retail shops, however, there are no caps on how many producers and processors that may be issued licenses, said Mikhail Carpenter with WSLCB.

“There’s a lot of different things that they have to go through,” he said of the application process. “This is just the first step.”

So far, three retail applications have been received in Bellevue and printed by the liquor control board under their selected trade names: Danny’s Delights, 10620 N.E. Eighth St; THC Inc., 13128 S.E. Newport Way and the Mustard Seed Grill and Pub at 5608 119th Ave. S.E.


Prospectors Seek Fortune In Legal Pot

WASHINGTON: Dot-bong, Marijuana Inc., the Green Rush: Call it what you will, the burgeoning legal marijuana industry in Washington state is drawing pot prospectors of all stripes.

Microsoft veterans and farmers, real estate agents and pastry chefs, former journalists and longtime pot growers alike are seeking new challenges — and fortunes — in the production, processing and sale of a drug that’s been illegal for generations. [Read more…]