Washington Medical Marijuana Database Operational

WASHINGTON: The Washington State Department of Health (DOH) announced this morning that the medical marijuana database is operational. The database is necessary to produce medical marijuana “recognition” cards.

Patients must take their authorization form to a licensed medical marijuana store to receive their recognition card.

Under the new medical marijuana law, recognition cards are required if patients and designated providers 21 and older wish to have access to the following benefits:

  • Purchase products sales-tax free.
  • Purchase up to three times the current legal limit for recreational users.
  • Purchase high-THC infused products.
  • Grow more than four plants in their residence.
  • Have full protection from arrest, prosecution, and legal penalties, although patients will still have an affirmative defense.

Patient safety is a priority, and DOH is committed to ensuring that all marijuana and marijuana products sold are safe.

If you are an authorized retail store you can find user guides and contact technical support by visiting http://airlift.support.