Oregon Sucking Life From Southern Stores

By Dr. James MacRae

WASHINGTON:  The Vampires appear to have moved from Forks to Oregon, and they are sucking our southernmost state-legal cannabis stores dry.

Actually, that’s a bit dramatic, but I thought the imagery fit the attached map picturing the change in Store-level Retail Sales levels from September to October of this year.  Green represents growth in sales, Yellow is not much change, and Red is a loss in sales.

I’ll put some more information later this week into a follow-on post  that summarizes the impact at a county level, and, possibly, calls out individual store impacts (although I’m a bit reluctant to name names) …  but I thought the store-level map pretty much says it all (look at all of the red clustered down near the Columbia River … While it might have something to do with Hanford leaking, I suspect that the changes that took effect on Oct 1 in Oregon’s State-legal Cannabis market might be involved).

I intentionally used a map that does not contain state and/or national boundaries, as it is clear from the distribution of sales LOSSES at the store level that cannabis acquisition does not appear to be respecting State boundaries (either now, or before Oregon’s change, or both).

I’m also curious about the two stores just to the north of Mt. Rainier.  Now I know where to run if I’m hiking and the mountain blows.