Legal Cannabis Creates Yet Another Spinoff Industry—Wall Street-Style Data Analytics

Brian Yauger on stage at MJBA Meetup in Seattle.

WASHINGTON: Washington State’s newly legal cannabis capitalists don’t tend to agree on much. Ask any one of them about any current pot-business topic—the regulation of medical marijuana, indoor versus outdoor grows, whether labs fudge pesticide and potency test results for favored clients—and you’ll find yourself in the middle of a passionate harangue. But the more Read the full article…

Cannabis Construction: Entrepreneurs Use Hemp In Home Building

Though the illicit aspects of hemp may have held it back in this country, marijuana’s growing popularity could finally be helping hemp’s spread.

NEW YORK:  It started with Hurricane Katrina: the flooded houses in New Orleans festering with mold, many uninhabitable to this day. Then came the earthquake in Haiti: thousands dead, crushed by homes that should have been their sanctuaries. James Savage, then a Wall Street analyst living on Central Park West, grew disturbed about the conditions he Read the full article…

Could This Recent Study On Casual Marijuana Use Crush Marijuana’s Momentum?

Furthermore, growing public acceptance of marijuana for its medical benefits and the tax revenue it can generate have led to 23 states approving marijuana for medical purposes and four legalizing it for recreational, adult use.

NEW YORK:  If you polled Americans a decade ago for their opinion on marijuana, there’s a good chance you would have received an overwhelming number of responses against the idea of legalization. In fact, Gallup polls suggest that just one-in-four respondents were in favor of legalizing marijuana 10 years ago. Marijuana’s perception evolution Nowadays things Read the full article…

Making Money From Marijuana

GW Pharmaceuticals is a speculative drug company that has a history of volatile trading. However, Cramer wouldn't be surprised if the more than 10 percent jump in the stock on Wednesday is just the start of this stock being... high.

NEW YORK: Making money from marijuana in the past used to require navigating the red tape of the law.  Jim Cramer has had his eye on one stock that is giving him quite a buzz. GW Pharmaceuticals is a speculative drug company that has a history of volatile trading. However, Cramer wouldn’t be surprised if the more Read the full article…

Fraudsters Target Pot Stocks

Marijuana enforcement officials are beginning undercover sting operations to make sure legal pot stores aren't selling to minors.

DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA:  Wall Street cops are scrambling to weed out fraudsters preying on the fledgling world of corporate marijuana as voters legalize the drug in more states and cities. Publicly traded cannabis businesses are a new vehicle for stock scammers promising big returns. And the number of cases could grow as more regions loosen Read the full article…

Stoners Trade Tie-Dye T-Shirts For Wall Street Suits

Eden Labs' CEO AC Braddock on the runway at the MJBA Jobs Fair in Seattle.

NEW YORK: Josh Gordon would cut a dashing figure in a suit. He grew up in Miami, Fla., as the son of two private wealth managers and saw himself going into the same field. He enrolled in Fordham Graduate School of Business, moved to the Upper West Side and had some interviews for jobs with Read the full article…

Growlife Halted; Marijuana Penny Stocks Doomed

SEC had finally gotten off their butt and was suspending trading in this stock while they investigate the company’s stock trades “because of questions that have been raised about the accuracy and adequacy of information in the marketplace and potentially manipulative transactions in PHOT’s common stock.”

NEW YORK:  I warned you. Over and over, frankly, and consider this yet another warning. Stay away from hyped-up penny stocks, which so far this year has meant specifically staying away from the marijuana-weed-pot penny stocks, most of which even at this moment, are still up many hundreds of percent in the last year. Most Read the full article…

Bloom Off Of Pot Stocks On Wall Street

marijuana mania continues to fade as investors realize there's more smoke than fire at many companies, which show "pot-tential" but little actual revenue.

NEW YORK: Wall Street seems to be losing its appetite for pot. Marijuana stocks were high flyers — so to speak — after Colorado and Washington states legalized pot sales and several other states announced they may legalize sales or decriminalize possession. Shares in about 20 marijuana-related companies began soaring, with some gaining more than 500% Read the full article…

U.S. Regulators Warn Marijuana Scams Growing Like Weeds

Financial and Banking regulations may keep legal marijuana business all cash

NEW YORK: Investors in marijuana-related stocks may see their profits go up in smoke, U.S. regulators said on Tuesday.The Financial Industry Regulatory Authority, Wall Street’s industry-funded watchdog, warned that scammers have been targeting investors attempting to tap into the growing U.S. marijuana industry. Nearly 20 states permit the use of marijuana for medical purposes, and voters Read the full article…

5 Ways America Is Building Support for the Marijuana Industry

Medical Marijuana is big business in America, and here to stay.

NEW YORK: It no longer seems like a matter of if, but a matter of when the federal U.S. government will recognize legitimate medical uses for marijuana.