Liquor Control Board Announces BioTrackTHC To Provide Traceability Software

Delaware selects BioTrackTHC

WASHINGTON:  The Washington State Liquor Control Board today announced that BioTrackTHC is the apparent successful proposer to provide traceability software to the agency. Apparent successful proposer is the official term until contract terms are finalized.

Local Marijuana Collective Owner Faces Legal Battle With City

“We believe we are following the spirit of the law,” Pelley said. “It will be up to a jury to decide if Northern Cross was coloring inside the lines or not.”

WASHINGTON: The owner and two employees of Bellingham-based medical marijuana collective Northern Cross Collective Garden are facing 14 felony charges relating to delivery of marijuana. 

21 marijuana stores planned for Seattle, 1,000-foot rule changed

The Denver County Fair is dropping marijuana exhibits from the event — a year after some people said they were unwittingly served pot-infused chocolate in the "Pot Pavilion."

WASHINGTON: The numbers are in: Seattle is planned to have 21 legal marijuana retail locations starting in 2014. 40 additional stores could dot King County, and there will be 334 legal pot retail locations allowed statewide.

Spokane City Council Passes Temporary Law Governing Marijuana


WASHINGTON: The Spokane City Council voted unanimously Monday in favor of a temporary city law governing all things marijuana, from collective medical gardens to zoning for retail pot shops. The ordinance, which the council adopted ahead of the release of state laws governing marijuana, directs the city’s Plan Commission to conduct a public hearing on the Read the full article…