Clarkston, WA Canna4life Shop Invites Voters To Come Look At New Pot Shop

WASHINGTON: There’s a ban on the sale of recreational marijuana in Clarkston, but that didn’t stop Kelly Jackson from inviting people to check out the city’s first pot shop (Friday) today.

And So It Begins…A Legal Marijuana Industry Is Born

Today’s the day Washington State takes applications for legalized, for profit, marijuana businesses. It seems like only yesterday I was closing the blinds, hiding my pot smoking-turned-growing bud business. We didn’t even dare mention the word Pot in any cell phone conversation. “Can I get some ‘salad’?’” my friends would ask.  Now its “I want an ounce of that deep purple sticky-icky.”

Now I tell any barista that asks that I’m headed to a meeting of potreprenuers. I’ve updated my social and professional networks to include my work in the world of weed. I was shocked when I asked a friend to join me in this endeavor, he said he couldn’t tell his parents, or his kids, what he’d be doing. “You gotta come out of the pot closet,” I said, “otherwise get out of the fast lane, because you’ll get run over.” [Read more…]