WI Marijuana Referendum Approved Unanimously

WISCONSIN:  The ballot in the April 2014 election will ask voters in Dane County whether the state should legalize marijuana for any purpose, thanks to a resolution passed by a vote of 29-0.

Testifying in favor of the resolution, Dane County resident Cliff Tomasini said legal marijuana could create green jobs.

“There’s a very stable industry of professionals who take their jobs seriously in the medical marijuana industry, which his company works with,” he said. “This is coming whether we like it or not. If we don’t participate in this industry now, others will. Chinese companies, companies in other countries will compete with us.”

“The voice of America is getting louder, and the voice of Dane County needs to be heard,” said Nate Peterson, president of Madison NORML.



Sensible B.C.’s Campaign For Marijuana Referendum Fails

CANADA:  There was plenty of smoke, but ultimately no fire for Sensible B.C.

Campaign organizer Dana Larsen confirmed Sunday that the Citizen’s Initiative for a referendum on decriminalizing marijuana possession has failed ahead of Election B.C.’s Monday deadline.

“We’re not going to make it,” said Larsen. “We’ve very proud of our team of canvassers and what we accomplished. 200,000 signatures is still a remarkable feat.”

Larsen and his team needed to collect the signatures of 10 per cent of registered voters in every single one of B.C.’s 85 electoral districts in a 90-day period for the initiative to be a success.

Organizers had a sense the campaign was failing, but it became clear Sunday that it was doomed as final counts were being tallied.

“We’re not done counting yet and there are last-minute signatures coming in, but it looks like we reached the threshold in about two dozen ridings,” said Larsen.

That’s well shy of the 85 required, though Larsen claims the sheer volume of signatures collected amount to two-thirds of their goal.


At Marijuana Legalization Hearing, Question Is How Much Regulation Should Go Before Oregon Voters

OREGON: Oregon Senate Judiciary Chairman Floyd Prozanski, D-Eugene, on Friday presented draft legislation that would ask voters if they want to legalize marijuana for 21-and-over adults and let the Legislature work out the details later.

Meanwhile, marijuana-legalization advocates, backed by major national funders, said they want to present voters with a measure that would give them more specifics on such things as how marijuana would be taxed and limits on how much of the drug an adult could possess.

After Washington and Colorado legalized marijuana last year, it appears likely that the issue will come before Oregon voters in 2014.  The big question is in what form. [Read more…]