N.J. Family Gets $10,000 Gift To Move To Colorado For Medical Marijuana

NEW JERSEY:  The Scotch Plains family whose fight to get medical marijuana for their toddler has drawn national attention, received a $10,000 donation on Christmas to help them relocate to Colorado.

The donation to the Wilson Family of $5,000 each came from MagicalButter.com, a Washington state company that manufactures cannabis-infused edible products and the machine that extracts the plant’s active ingredients, and Lisa and Drew Braun, friends of the company’s CEO, Garyn Angel said.

Angel and his friends made a YouTube video informing them about the donation, and enlisted a Wilson family friend to pay them a visit Christmas Day and videotape their reaction. Both are seen crying and laughing. [Read more…]

New Jersey Cannabis Policy Update

By Michael Chazukow, Outreach Director NJ NORML

NEW JERSEY: Cannabis activists are getting many exciting gifts this December.  Uruguay became the first nation ever to legalize the production and sale of marijuana. We are celebrating the one year anniversary of the votes that legalized recreational MJ in Washington and Colorado.  New York representatives announced the introduction of a tax and regulate bill.

Here in New Jersey, the state legislature had 2 related votes this week. The New Jersey industrial hemp bill is progressing virtually unopposed through the state legislature.  But another bill amending NJ’s medical marijuana law is getting opposition from the governor.  This means 2 & 1/2 year old Vivian Wilson is going to have a difficult holiday because Governor Christie is trying to deny her access to her seizure medicine.  [Read more…]

Chris Christie Says No To Bill Expanding NJ Medical Marijuana Program

NEW JERSEY:  The latest bill to expand the medical marijuana program is only days old, but Gov. Chris Christie said he already knows he won’t sign it.

The bill would allow registered medical marijuana patients in New Jersey to buy the drug in another state where it’s legal and bring it home. Six of the 19 states and Washington D.C. that have medical marijuana programs have such reciprocity agreements by which they recognize patients outside of their own state.

Christie told reporters today he is “not open to it,” and believes it’s just a back door way to legalize marijuana for everyone.

“See this is what happens. Every time you sign one expansion, then the advocates will come back and ask for another one,” the governor said during a press conference from his statehouse office this afternoon. [Read more…]