Vape Co. CEO: Trump’s Trade War Will Stifle The Cannabis Industry

The 25% increase in tariffs impact on vaping & cannabis

NEW YORK:  Today, The Blinc Group’s Co-CEO,  Arnaud Dumas de Rauly,  is testifying at The Office of the U.S. Trade Representative (USTR) public hearings regarding proposed tariffs on approximately $16 billion worth of Chinese products.

These proposed tariffs increases – including HTS No. 8543709930 and HTS No. 8543709940 related to vapor product devices, batteries intended for use in vaping devices, and pre filled pods and cartridges – will do great harm to American businesses, medical marijuana patients and adult use consumers while doing nothing to empower American companies to manufacture these products themselves.

The current administration’s trade war raged against China will:

  1. Reduce access to reduced risk vapor products and therapeutic cannabis products to American citizens,

  2. Not bring back jobs to America,

  3. Cut current medical marijuana and adult use States tax revenues by over 25%,

“Increasing tariffs may have worked 20 years ago, when US manufacturing was at its highest, but given the current economy, it is a major mistake to believe that this will bring jobs back to American citizens,” said Dumas de Rauly. 

With regards to taxes, “The State of Colorado has collected over $247M in Cannabis tax revenue in 2017. Considering that over the same period, cannabis vaping products comprised 25% of sales volumes, the loss of taxes due to non-availability of the products, would represent $61.75M, which represents the cost of educating 10,445 students. Yes ladies and gentlemen, this revenue is used to fund education, regulation, substance abuse prevention and treatment programs.”

For access to the full pre-hearing testimony of The Blinc Group, please click here.

Potbotics Joins The Blinc Group

NEW YORK: Potbotics, a data aggregation and technology company focused on the global medical cannabis market, has joined The Blinc Group incubator with the goal of developing adoption and distribution strategies across the US for the first smart dose measuring vaporizer.

A key component of alternative medicine is dosing, and the process can be risky due to the inherent guesswork. Potbotics new approach allows for ultra-precise dosing according to the specific requirements of each individual patient with optimizations for micro-dosing.

Being able to analyze a patient’s use over time will allow the vaporization, whether it’s oil or flower, to be fully customized to their needs. This high quality vaporizing experience enables patients to accurately track how much they inhale in order to deliver consistent and predictable results.

“Blinc Groups market insights, vaporizer know how, and partnerships are a great fit to leverage the disruptive technology Potbotics has been developing for the past three years, ” commented CEO of Potbotics, David Goldstein.

Arnaud Dumas de Rauly, Chief Strategy Officer of The Blinc Group, said “Patients use micro-dosing for a variety of health conditions, that include seizures, autism, and cerebral palsy. Developing a dosaging device is the next big step towards consistency and pinpointing symptoms, we are very proud to be working with Potbotics on this system.”


Hot Pot Products Review: The Utillian 720

By Dizzy Question

Vaporizer technology aimed at the cannabis consumer continues to evolve and impress.  The Utillian 720 is a sleek portable vaporizer for flower and wax with an intuitive design and impressive convection heating system.   After about a month of use, I highly recommend the Utillian 720. Simply put, the more I use it, the more I like it!


As I open the box that holds The Utillian 720 for the first time, I can’t help feeling a sense of De ja vu — it’s like unboxing an iPhone,  and for the price of $220 it ought to feel that way.  The Utillian 720’s all black appearance is simple and discrete.  It fits nicely into my hand.  With the presence of a singular white Utillian logo, it would be difficult to tell what this device is without context.   The vaporizer’s matte-black rubberized finish and curved geometry makes it comfortable to hold and gives me the confidence that it won’t slip and fall out of my hand. The Utillian 720 has one button which indicates that it is simple to use. The mouthpiece on the top of the vaporizer conveniently swivels to whatever position I want.  A strong magnet holds the top in place, and can be easily pulled off to allow for access to the herb chamber.

Ease of use:

  • The herb container is incredibly well designed. The fact that the chamber has a surrounding slope allows for fallen material to be easily cleaned up/pushed into the bowl. (EASY CLEAN UP)
  • Swivel mouth piece is nice because I can contain the vapor quickly, though the nozzle comes off relatively easily, even though that is probably for ease of clean.
  • Best way to hit the vape is by seeding it down with a burst of air post inhale of vapor.


  • I know that the vape is ready when the light turns solid, but I can also smell the herbs slightly, so discretion is possible but not in doors.
  • One of the more powerful vaporizers I’ve tried, in fact the most powerful!


Packaged with everything you need to get started.  Ships charged, with the following accessories:

  • Wax/Oil Chamber insert
  • Cleaning Brush, tweezers and dabber
  • interchangeable screens and bands
  • Charging cable

 MSRP:   $219


Product Review: Zeus Iceborn

Being a publisher in the pot business has its perks. MJNewsNetwork specializes in covering the business of legal cannabis, including showcasing the emerging leaders in business and commerce.  We are always on the lookout for the the hottest new pot products, and occasionally get the odd product sent to us for review.

2016-06-06 12.40.14

A 10-panel brochure explains assembly

Such was the case when some zealous Canadian PR folks found us online and asked us if we’d like to review the “Zeus Iceborn.”  Thinking it was some sort of newfangled vaporizer, we agreed.  A few weeks later the package arrived.  Now I’m a design and packaging freak, so the first thing we noticed when we unwrapped the shipping envelope was that this was one expensively designed package.

The sleek black rectangular box reminded me of an Apple experience. Cool graphics grace the front panel emblazoned with “Zeus Iceborn”.  Turning the box around, we read: “Complete Your Arsenal” TM with 2 Elvis TCB lightning bolts in either corner.  What? On the back we meet a weird cartoon deity (Zeus?) with more lightning bolts shooting out of his hands as he squeezes the word “Zeus.”  Underneath this World of Warcraft-like image reads, “Deep from the Blue/ I summon you/ To frost you be sworn/ become the Iceborn.”

Now, this back panel sort of took the whole thing down a level for me. First of all, I have no idea who the heck this Zeus is, and what he has to do with vaping cannabis. Second, the whole comic-book thing made me feel like this product was not targeting me.

Inside the Zeus Iceborn

Inside the Zeus Iceborn

Fail number one: there is no way that a consumer would have any idea whatsoever as to the function of the Zeus Iceborn from the box. Really, there is nothing on the box that says what it is, or why anyone would want such a thing.

Upon opening the box – more intrigue. A 10-panel brochure describing how to clean and assemble the Zeus Iceborn.  Clearly someone spent a whole lot of dough on the instructions as well as the packaging. Underneath the brochure is a plastic cup, which unscrews to reveal a few different aluminum tubes and a couple of washers. A separate compartment contains three different “whips” and a mouthpiece. Man, this thing is more complicated than an IKEA bookshelf.   Interesting, but how does it work? And where do I put the weed?  Back to the instructions.

I have to read the brochure again thoroughly before I finally figure it out. You fill the cup, and then put it in the freezer overnight. What? There goes instant gratification.  And once the cup is frozen, it must be connected to a vaporizer before you can get high.  But not just any vaporizer!

Fail number two: This devise does not work with any of the popular vaporizers that I have in my arsenal: neither the original Firefly, nor the first and second generation Pax nor my old school Volcano. It seems you need to have a Zeus vaporizer (apparently popular in Canada though I’ve never seen one here in Seattle) or some other  fancy $600 Herbalizers with a whip attachment for this thing to work.

I give up, and put the elaborate device back in the box.  As a 50-something pot smoker who only vapes occasionally,  I have no use for the Zeus Iceborn. I’ve shown the Zeus Iceborn to several of my stoner peers, and while most were equally impressed with the production values of the packaging, they were also perplexed as to the utility.  Fact: I even tried to give it away several times, but got no takers!  So, who would buy the Zeus Iceborn?  My best guess: gamer-obsessed geeky vape dudes with more dollars than sense.


A Guide To NY’s Medical Marijuana Law

NEW YORK:  The State Legislature voted last week to legalize medical marijuana, making New York the 23rd state, along with the District of Columbia, to allow use of the drug for medical purposes.

Each state has unique restrictions on the drug, which remains illegal under federal law, and New York’s program is particularly unique, in that it does not allow for smokable forms of the drug and sunsets after seven years.

Here’s a guide to some of the lingering questions about the law.

1) Who can use medical marijuana in New York State?

O.PenVape: ‘Google of Marijuana’ NOT Publicly Traded

NEW YORK: Message to pot stock speculators: O.PenVape, the company featured on CNBC in a feature about the marijuana industry, is a private and not publicly traded. So if you are buying shares in a pot stock this morning, it is NOT stock in O.PenVape.

On Wednesday evening, CNBC aired an hour-long feature ‘Marijuana in America: Colorado Pot Rush,’ which included interviews with a handful of pot-industry companies. O.PenVape, a pen cigarette that vaporizes hash oil, stood out as one well-positioned company in Colorado’s green rush. The company’s pen heats up a cartridge of hash-oil, making it a sort of e-cigarette of pot.

CEO Todd Mitchem told CNBC Open Vape sells its cartridges for as much as $40 a pop and that it receives about 270,000 orders a month. Mitchem also told CNBC, as they toured O.PenVape’s offices, that the company grew 1600% in 2013 and he believes it will become “the Google of cannabis.”