Ontario Moves Ahead With Plan To License Cannabis Lounges

CANADA: Initially, the province of Ontario – Canada’s most populated area – planned to institute a categorical ban on public smoking which would have restricted consumption to homes. However, that proposal harbored various shortcomings, including exposing children to second-hand smoke.

Additionally, people living in buildings that ban smoking would have no place to smoke.

Trina Fraser, an Ottawa Lawyer who specializes in cannabis trade laws believes that such restrictive regulations would force people to smoke in undesirable places like their cars.

The proposed cannabis lounges could lag behind legalization legislation, which is expected by July.

The Ontario regulations would have provisions for both public lounges and smoking spaces in apartment and some business buildings. Additionally, pot smokers would be allowed to smoke in cigarette smoking zones, and other forms of marijuana, including edible varieties would be allowed in all hotel rooms.

If passed, marijuana producers, as well as sellers of smoking devices stand to benefit significantly, with more people finding it comfortable to smoke marijuana in an acceptable setting.

Tourist populations would also find it easier to sample Canadian pot.


Up In Smoke: New Oregon Law Closing ‘Cannabis Cafes’

OREGON: As of Jan. 1. the World Famous Cannabis Cafe in Portland is being forced to close, as state lawmakers have broadened the state’s clean indoor air regulations to include marijuana.

Within House Bill 2546, lawmakers defined what they mean by “inhalant.”

By law an Inhalant means:  “Nicotine, a cannabinoid or any other substance that’s inhaled into a person’s respiratory system.”

With this new law, marijuana lounges, of which only a handful exist, are not allowed in the state of Oregon.

Rhode Island’s First Medical Marijuana Vapor Lounge To Open In Providence

RHODE ISLAND:  Two Johnson & Wales University graduates are ready to open the state’s first medical marijuana vapor lounge in downtown Providence Saturday.

Named Elevated,  the small storefront lounge on Peck Street does not intend to sell marijuana, but offer licensed medical marijuana patients a casual space to consume their medication in vapor form, said owner Kevin Cintorino Friday. Pipes and accessories for marijuana “vaping” will be available to rent.

“A lot of landlords don’t let you use medicine in your apartment, so people have to go to their friends’ houses and other places that aren’t convenient,” said Cintorino, who is also a medical marijuana patient. “Here they can relax and talk about what works best with other people who know about it.”

Unlike smoking the drug, vaping marijuana, like vaping tobacco, avoids Rhode Island’s indoor smoking ban.

Marijuana Lounge Farm Assists To Partially Reopen After Raid

CANADA:  The owner of Halifax’s first medical marijuana lounge says he plans to reopen part of his store on Tuesday morning despite being shut down in a police raid and charged with trafficking marijuana.

Christopher Enns — who owns Farm Assists — and his fiancée Sherri Reeve were charged with drug trafficking, possession for the purpose of trafficking, breach of an undertaking, proceeds of crime and production of a controlled substance after the lounge was raided on Friday.

A 40-year-old Timberlea man — an employee of Farm Assists — was also charged.

Enns was released from custody on Monday afternoon under conditions limiting him to the terms of his Health Canada medical marijuana licence — meaning he cannot produce, possess or use marijuana under any other circumstances except as his licence allows.