Pot Problem: Island Homeowners Say Grow-Op Stench Is Devaluing Properties

CANADA:  Homeowners in a Vancouver Island community are raising a stink about a medical marijuana grow operation they say is driving down their property values.

Shawnigan Lake resident Neil Haley lives just 30 metres away from the licensed grow-op, which moved into the community just under two years ago.

Haley says the stench that emanates from the facility often infiltrates his family’s home.

“The smell, at times, is overwhelming. It gets on our clothes,” he said. “Our bedrooms are right there as well. It goes through the bedroom window, we can’t have that open.”


Nanaimo’s Marijuana Trade Diversifies Echronomy

CANADA:  For better or worse, Canada has all its eggs in one oily basket. These days, that’s not going so well. Forecasts suggest that oil jobs are drying up faster than your girlfriend when you fart. Folks, it’s ugly out there. Thankfully, someone somewhere has a plan to make it better. Tilray, a medical marijuana company, is ready to create nearly 300 jobs in Nanaimo, BC.

Tilray already employs 100 people on Vancouver Island, and is looking for workers to grow plants in its new facility. It is also recruiting people to work in various positions, ranging from security to customer service, and even janitorial work. That sounds professional, especially for a stoner company.

At a time when big businesses are closing doors, relatively small businesses like Tilray are opening doors and minds. Perhaps that’s why many believe that the marijuana business could be Canada’s ticket to a more diverse economy that could survive an oil shock. Marijuana is a job creator in the medical field, and will generate far more jobs if legalized for recreational purposes. Canadians can grow it in facilities across the country, and can produce strong, local economies based on a valuable, renewable resource.