USEI Cannabis Expands Marketing of Vape Pens With Lollipopvapor And Will Attend MJBA Vendor Fair As VIP Sponsor

WASHINGTON: USEI Cannabis and Lollipopvapor, are actively expanding its vapor pen partnership to a nationwide audience to proliferate their “Real McCoy Genuine Product” to become a national brand by becoming a VIP Sponsor of MJBA Vendor Fair, the leading trade show for participants in Washington’s legal marijuana industry.

According to USEI CEO Anthony Miller, “On June 28 & 29 we will attend the MJBA Vendor Fair Summer event in Seattle. This is the 3rd event that we a have attended in the state of Washington; sponsored by the Marijuana Business Association. This is the first time that we are attending as a sponsor, and it will probably not be the last event that we will sponsor with them. Our goals are to expand our footprint into the state of Washington where in just weeks the cannabis industry will be open for business for medical and recreation just like Colorado. We are actively seeking for partnerships with growers and 502 licensees to expand USEI’s business in the state.”

In a company press release, Miller said USEI has aggressive plans to expand its vapor pen business in Washington. “We have had a presence in the state of Washington since 2005 and we believe that this is and added advantage for us, as we attempt to gain our market share here. We will not limit our business just to the vapor market; we intend to penetrate all cannabis markets in this state; that are possible and legal. During this MJBA event we will sample our edible products and display a wide variety of pens for oil, wax and dry herb for the attendees. Note: we are still working in the state of Colorado and making progress everyday however, the pace is much slower than expected and announced. We will continue to press on in Colorado till we reach our goals.”

MJBA Vendor Fair Summer is widely considered to be the best b2b trade event for Washington’s I-502 growers, processors and retailers — and many professional businesses who serve them.  More than 50 top cannabis brands are expected to participate in the event, which will include live product demonstrations, educational information, cooking demonstrations and sampling. MJBA Vendor Fair is Saturday and Sunday June 28-29 at Magical Butter Studios in SODO.