Marijuana Legalization 2015: United Kingdom Could Legalize Weed After 150,000 Brits Sign Petition

"Legalizing cannabis could bring in £900m in taxes every year, save £400m on policing cannabis and create over 10,000 new jobs,"

GREAT BRITAIN: United Kingdom lawmakers may consider a bill that would legalize cannabis after an online petition garnered the support of more than 150,000 people. The petition asks for lawmakers to allow the sale, production and use of marijuana. Petitions that exceed more than 100,000 signatures require a formal response from the government and the House Read the full article…

Say Hello To The UK’s First Cannabis Pharmacy

Carun UK, which will be based in Twickenham, London, aims to ‘harness the healing super-powers of hemp’ which is claims is the ‘ultimate skin saviour and well-being booster’.

UNITED KINGDOM: The UK’s first ever cannabis pharmacy is set to open its doors this week. Don’t be too quick to delete your dealer’s number however – the pharmacy sells health and beauty products, none of which can get you high. Carun UK, which will be based in Twickenham, London, aims to ‘harness the healing super-powers of hemp’ which is claims Read the full article…

Marijuana Reform Could Earn UK Billions A Year, Studies Say

“The idea of a regulated drug market for cannabis, or any other drug, is politically a long way away.”

UNITED KINGDOM: Hundreds of users of medical marijuana protested outside Parliament last week to demand changes to Britain’s strict cannabis laws, a move many experts believe could yield billions of pounds in tax revenue and save the government billions in policing costs. Under current law, it is illegal for British citizens to consume or possess Read the full article…

Spliffs And Butts

Cannabis in the UK

UNITED KINGDOM: In 1952, Donald Macintosh Johnson, later the Conservative MP for Carlisle, published a study entitled “Indian Hemp: A Social Menace”. Even small doses of the drug could lead to violence and mental-health problems, he fretted. More than 60 years later, politicians from all Britain’s major parties are just as worried and resist legalization. Yet Read the full article…

Medical Pot: A Drugmaker Bets on Marijuana to Treat Diabetes, Epilepsy, and More

British pharma company makes big bet on cannabis

UNITED KINGDOM: Medicinal marijuana advocates contend that smoking pot helps relieve pain and alleviate nausea. British drug company GW Pharmaceuticals (GWP:LN) is betting that medicine made from cannabis can also treat maladies as diverse as diabetes, colitis, and epilepsy.