The Right Way To Legalize Marijuana (No, We’ve Been Doing It Wrong)

CALIFORNIA:  Mark Kleiman is out this week with the single most comprehensive look at the trend toward legalizing pot you’re likely to find. He doesn’t spend much space on the pros and cons of legalization–almost anyone can tick those off on the fingers of both hands–but on the right way to do it, and the wrong way.

Short version: Colorado and Washington are doing it the wrong way, and the federal government’s hands-off approach isn’t making things any better. [Read more…]

Buzzkill: Medical Marijuana Popularity Threatens Legal Pot Push in Washington State

WASHINGTON: Washington state’s new law legalizing pot is hitting a major snag from an unlikely source — medical marijuana.

There is growing concern among state officials that as long as medical marijuana is largely unregulated and untaxed, its popularity will cut into the tax revenue expected when pot legally goes on sale for recreational use in 2014. [Read more…]