Cannabis 101: Juicing

By Sue Vorenberg
Cannabis Daily Record

WASHINGTON:  Juicing is a growing trend in the health food community – and an excellent way to add more fruits and veggies into your diet in a concentrated form.

(cannabis leaves)

But there’s one added ingredient that, while somewhat difficult to get, can add even more healthy bang to your juice: Cannabis leaves (the parts of the plant that typically end up on the grow room floor or being recycled as mulch on a farm).

“Raw cannabis juice is the most nutritious fuel in the world, even when you put it up against something like kale,” said Farmer Tom Lauerman, a medical marijuana grower and activist in Vancouver, Washington. “It’s just loaded with everything.”

Cannabis juicing is becoming more popular in the medical marijuana community. It provides a wide array of vitamins and green nutrients, doesn’t get you high and it’s great as an anti-inflammatory, digestive aid and also helps with anxiety, said Pam Dyer, who runs the Twice Baked in Washington medical site and is a member of the Marijuana Business Association.

5 Years On Weed

By TwiceBakedinWA

WASHINGTON: I am going into my fifth year as a cannabis patient. What a ride it has been. When I was first going through the process of getting a legal doctor’s recommendation for medical cannabis I was dealing with scoliosis, severe pain, muscle spasms, migraines, depression, anxiety, low immunity, and digestive sensitivities.

Actually, I still deal with many of those issues but I have learned how to manage them better using cannabis. My journey with medical marijuana has allowed me to explore in depth the many ways to use cannabis for absolute relief of my symptoms.

Not only that, but I have seen another side of my health restored where I am not just using marijuana to only relieve my symptoms, I am able to use it to experience what it feels like to mentally and physically thrive when everything is running right.

My approach to medical cannabis has been a holistic one. I know that it is a superfood like no other and consuming it in its raw form gives me energy and makes me feel alive. Raw cannabis has also, more than once, provided a lift from depression, which to me feels more significant than even the pain relief.

Let me just say that this medical cannabis stuff is work. At least the growing and the juicing part of it is. I juice raw cannabis and that requires that I collect leaves, more than I can currently grow myself. I am part of a medical cannabis collective where one of my jobs is to prune plants which gives me plenty of fresh plant matter during growing season. I am so grateful to have this arrangement available to me because it took me a lot of networking to find it. I can’t imagine not juicing it now as part of my long-term health management program. 

While at one time I dismissed that a topical could be effective for my conditions, I now find myself also using cannabis topically for relief of more things than just pain. I use them to relieve migraines, menstral cramps, muscle spasms, muscle soreness, and even anxiety. I’m so thankful to have a simple potion in my bag that I can apply no matter where I happen to be and where I don’t even have to think about whether I am taking an indica or sativa. I no longer travel anywhere without a topical on me and I try to keep a healthy stash on hand in my medicine cabinet.

All this being said, I want more than relief in this life, I want to experience what it is like to thrive. I’m not looking to get high and zone out, I’m looking for the ability to climb mountains and check in.

For those of you who have followed me along the way, thank you so much for your support.


The Walt Whitman Of Weed

WASHINGTON:  “Farmer Tom” Lauerman has invited us to tour his five acres of freedom, the “Garden of the Green Sun” – an organic vegetable and marijuana farm in Vancouver, WA.

Farmer, medical marijuana activist and author, Farmer Tom greets us with a big bear hug like a beatific Walt Whitman of Weed in a great bushy white beard, green grower’s cap and black Hawaiian shirt.

Tom is a well known figure on the West Coast cannabis scene.  You can regularly find him vending his squash and marijuana at local medical marijuana farmer’s markets, and at high profile events like High Times’ Cannabis Cup and Seattle Hempfest, where he happily poses for photographs and signs copies of his Cannabis Consumer’s Guide, a compendium of pot knowledge that he has amassed over his decades as a pot grower and smoker — a stoner poet “Leaves of Grass.”

Farmer Tom met his wife Paula in San Diego in the 1990s.  They fell in love as comrades in arms in those seminal days of the early California medical marijuana movement. She was a massage therapist, and gave him his first massage after a particularly stressful day in the trenches. Although she had known and worked with him in the past, she felt something undeniable when they touched and they have been together ever since.

Farmer Tom

‘Farmer Tom’ Lauerman

When we arrive at the farm, a three-hour drive from Seattle that I make with my dog and a fellow MJ News Network reporter, we are treated to cool water sweetened with lemons and entertained with wonderful stories of the early days of the struggle for patient rights, which they recount with passion and fire.

Tom and Paula are fully embedded into this rural southern Washington town, growing organic vegetables as part of a community-supported agricultural cooperative (CSA) alongside crops of organic cannabis.  For Farmer Tom it is all about organic. “I grow my vegetables and cannabis the same way.  I love growing organic food – organic vegetables and organic cannabis.”

Whether it is by good fortune or good deeds, life’s serendipity has found Tom’s farm ideally situated in Washington, one of only two states with a legal recreational marijuana market (though Oregon just across the Columbia River will likely pass its own recreational law in November, and currently supports a healthy medical marijuana industry for which Farmer Tom supplies product).

Farmer Tom

Organically Grown Farmer Tom Brand

Recreational marijuana makes it possible for Farmer Tom to move beyond farmer’s markets and to begin serving the larger commercial marketplace.  These days there is a lot of interest in organic cannabis – and in Farmer Tom as a brand icon.

“I just want to save the farm. I just want to feed my family – It doesn’t get any more American than that.”

Tom’s photogenic looks have not gone unnoticed as investors and savvy marketers eye the emerging legal market looking for viable brands. Farmer Tom has recently done several deals, one for a limited series of trading cards, and another for the creation of a full-line of Farmer Tom branded cannabis products. He’s got the looks and the resume to be a household name brand, and in fact, he is one heck of a farmer.

Garden of the Green Sun

Garden of the Green Sun

In between rows of impressive organic corn, snap peas, lettuce, squash and tomatoes, the Garden of the Green Sun sports two hoop-houses full of the biggest, bushiest, healthiest looking cannabis plants I’ve ever seen.  As a business journalist covering the legal marijuana industry, I’m used to touring indoor grow rooms full of gorgeous indicas and sativas, but nothing I’ve seen compares to the size and impressive girth of these bushes.

As we wind our way through neat rows of well labeled plants all sporting Farmer Tom’s likeness, we inspect Black Knight, OG Kush, Girl Scout Cookie and other popular strains, and even get an up-close look at a rare Asian plant with most unusual leaves.

2014-07-19 10.50.25

Unusual Asian Strain

At the end of our tour, we are given sharp knives and rubber buckets and pointed back to the vegetable rows where we pick our own lettuce, squash, kale and beans.  The sun is shining and Paula graciously waters my thirsty snow dog and points us back to the interstate with our bounty.

It’s been a great visit, well worth the long schlep.  As we leave, I’m struck at how quintessentially American this agrarian scene is — a small independent farmer growing good organic crops to support his family and community.

2014-07-19 10.50.34

Luna in the garden

Who knows, with cannabis’ new-found legality, Farmer Tom and Paula may turn out to be a modern-day Ma and Pa Kettle success story – hard working farm folks striking it rich, but keeping it real.