WSLCB Update: Current Information On The Traceability Transition Important Message to Marijuana Licensees

WASHINGTON: The Washington State Liquor and Cannabis Board (LCB) has reached a critical juncture in our transition from the current traceability system to the new traceability system. Despite diligent efforts by LCB staff and the new vendor, all critical tasks will not be complete by the end of our contract with the current vendor on Oct. 31, 2017.

Contingency Plan in Effect Nov. 1
To ensure you are prepared, we have made the critical decision to prepare to implement our contingency plan.
Ensuring that we roll-out a quality, market-ready product is our priority. We are working closely and efficiently with our new vendor, MJ Freeway. Based on feedback from the training sessions and demonstrations with our Traceability Advisory Committee, the new product, Leaf Data Systems, the new non-commercial, free system will work well for the roughly 25 percent of licensees who use it. We will provide a timeline for implementation this week.
 Four Key Things to Know Regarding Contingency
  1. The information that we are requesting via the contingency plan is information that you are currently required to collect and retain;
  2. There is no halt to business during the contingency period. You may conduct business as usual. That includes transfers, sales, harvest, etc.;
  3. As you do today, you must keep a record of all required activity associated with your business. If you have a third-party, commercial software provider consider contacting them to review your coverage. Some software systems may capture traceability transactions for later reporting which may minimize your manual reporting requirements.; and
  4. The LCB will continue to enforce rules and regulations during this period.
Licensees will be able to conduct business as normal during this time frame. You must keep records of all traceability activities that occur during contingency operations and must update the new Leaf Data System with those activities when it goes live. On the left side of this webpage are links to FAQs, reporting documents, and specific information that licensees will need during this interim period.