Tobacco Smokers Increasingly Turning To Cannabis Vapes To Quit The Addiction

CALIFORNIA: It has been reported that most individuals struggling to quit smoking have been advised to transition to marijuana. In recent times, people are using it extensively to ease the symptoms that are associated with withdrawal.

The practice of using a balanced tincture has been known to mitigate withdrawal symptoms associated with individuals who are struggling to quit smoking. Although there has not been any kind of proven record so far about offsetting the withdrawal symptoms that are caused by nicotine cessation, tests conducted on animals have shown that it can diminish the opiate seeking urges in the behavior of opiate addicted mice.

Clinical studies have already established the fact that there is not an associated increased risk of the development of lung cancer by smoking cannabis as it is with tobacco. However, individuals should be aware of the fact that heavy cannabis smoking can lead to the development of testicular cancer among young males. It has therefore been safely concluded by most of the experts in the industry that smoking of cannabis is not a healthy alternative to quitting tobacco.

Vaporizing is currently considered as one of the healthiest alternatives. It delivers the medicine just as rapidly as the smoking does not without the unhealthy exposure to tars and other elements associated with combustion. it is recommended that dosing with a high variety of CBD may be a healthier choice because tobacco is used to relieve stress, calm anxiety and suppress appetite. The purpose of the endocannabinoid system within the human body is to promote homeostasis.

Cannabis is healthy only when used in moderation. It is therefore important for the individuals to seek the advice of a certified physician for the prescription. It will help them to use just the right amount of dosage in order to relieve stress and achieve mental relaxation.