Apple And Google Just OK’d ‘High There,’ Networking App For Cannabis Enthusiasts

NEW YORK:  Ever gone on a Tinder date with what seems like the perfect person, only to find out they aren’t 420-friendly? Well, now there’s a way to “weed” out potential mates who don’t follow a green lifestyle. Cue High There, an app that’s described as “Tinder for cannabis users.”

According to a recent report by Forbes, High There was created by Todd Mitchem and is noted as what may be the first social network for cannabis lovers. At first, the app could only be downloaded in states with legalized cannabis, but it quickly gained a following in New York and California.

Mitchem says the overall market has over 12 million users and is a major opportunity to cash in on a bourgeoning niche industry. “Look at That’s even more niche in a way, and it’s making a lot of money,” he says. Mitchem pitched his idea to tech titans Apple and Google–needless to say, their responses were surprising. “I thought we might hear back that they weren’t ready, or that local governments might not be okay with it and ready. Instead, they said we were all clear to go do it globally,” said Mitchem.

High There is now available for cannabis fans to connect with other like-minded individuals based on the type of cannabis or “high” they prefer – worldwide. The trending app works on both Android and iOS. Demand is especially high in the Netherlands, Spain, England, and Australia, and the app is expected to gain tens of thousands of new users.