Pot-Infused Booze Lands One Portland Entrepreneur In Legal Limbo

OREGON: Camille Messina doesn’t have a background in science.

In the last year, the Brooklyn-to-Portland transplant has spent hours in her basement research lab, bent on finding the best way to blend Oregon’s newest legal herb with booze.

The result is Messina Bitters, an alcoholic cocktail additive, infused with pot.

She makes the blend in a nearby commercial kitchen from locally grown, organic ingredients and plans to sell it in one-ounce dropper bottles.

Colorado Introduces New Standards For Marijuana-Infused Food

COLORADO: Among other new regulations for medical and recreational marijuana sales, Colorado recently created labeling, packaging, and safety standards for marijuana-infused food. For the most part, regulators, food manufacturers, and cannabis testing labs all seem to agree that they’re a step in the right direction. [Read more…]