Editorial: Hemp Gaining Acceptance

Though the Farm Bill, which included the hemp amendment, did not pass the House this past week, however it did bring to light that more and more politicians and decision makers are stepping into the green and opening their minds to the possibility that growing hemp on American soil will be a reality bestowed by the Federal Government… someday.

As I write this I do it with a hint of disbelief (maybe more than a hint) that we are still having this discussion. In a rational world all American farmers would have the right, State and Federal, to plant a hemp seed on their land and reap the benefits. But we do not live in a world of rational thinking. We live in a world of missinformation, fear and ignorance and we must adjust our own thinking to combat these “villains” of rational thought.

Tim Thornberry writes a good piece summing up this past weeks efforts and failure to pass the Farm Bill and the Hemp amendment along with it.  [Read more…]