The Shark Tank of Cannabis is Searching for the Industry’s Next Marijuana Millionaires

NEW YORK: The Marijuana Show, Amazon’s TV Series, dubbed the “Shark Tank” of cannabis, has partnered with the Cannabis World Congress & Business Expositions (CWCB Expo). Aspiring cannabusiness’ have an opportunity to pitch their ideas to the show’s producers on stage, “Shark Tank” style this Thursday and Friday at the Javits Center. Hopeful Ganjapreneurs will vie for a chance to be on The Marijuana Show’s third season, to garner top-notch industry mentors and potentially receive a piece of the $20 million available for investment. The TV series has previously funded numerous cannabusiness’ offering out $18 million across seasons 1&2. The show currently reaches millions through Amazon Prime.

“We are very excited to partner with the CWCB Expo in order to find the next potential marijuana millionaires. Their event brings together highly motivated cannabusiness’ and that’s exactly who we are searching for,” said The Marijuana Show’s Producer and Director, Wendy Robbins. Attendees may also be able to pitch the producers more informally at booth 445.

Taking place under one roof in the financial and media capital of the world, the Cannabis World Congress and Business Expo brings together suppliers, new businesses, entrepreneurs, investors, medical professionals, dispensary owners, retailers and professional service providers. With more than 70 sessions and over 100 expert speakers covering everything from seed to sale including cultivation, processing/extraction, sales, the event is packed with potential.

“With a projected revenue of $30 Billion by 2021 (Forbes), we are proud to assist Ganjapreneurs. The market is on fire and investors are eager to find the next Apple of weed. We are grateful to have the first-to-market Cannabis business incubator and accelerator Television show that partners with our contestants to take their ideas from seed to sale. Plus, leveraging our hit television show and our streaming education program, Bud Camp featuring experts in Law, marketing, compliance, branding, investment and more, we provide all the tools any entrepreneur or investor would need to make an informed and educated decision,” states Karen Paull.

CWCBExpo & The Marijuana Show Offer Aspiring Ganjaprenuers Chance At $20 Million “High-Finance” Fund

NEW JERSEY: Cannabis World Congress & Business Expositions (CWCBExpo) have officially partnered with The Marijuana Show, an Amazon TV Series, dubbed the “Shark Tank” of cannabis, with over 250 million reach, to offer innovative canna-businesses the opportunity to pitch their new ideas. Pitching opportunities to The Marijuana Show judges will now be available at the CWCBExpo coast-to-coast market leading events in New York, Los Angeles and Boston. The CWCBExpos provide the latest information, education, and products for medical and recreational marijuana, CBD, industrial hemp and more.

“By partnering with The Marijuana Show, exhibitors of CWCBExpo will gain access to funding for new and expanding businesses. This gives CWCBExpo another prime opportunity to help move the industry forward and provide a springboard to success for innovators and entrepreneurs who are seeking mentorships and capital,” said Scott Giannotti, Managing Director, CWCBExpo.

The first set of auditions will take place at CWCBExpo NY on June 15th at the Javits Center. Select ganjaprenuers will have 2 to 10 minutes to pitch their ideas to the show’s judges in the Exhibitor Showcase Theater sponsored by Folium Biosciences. Those pitching will vie for a chance to be on The Marijuana Show, garner top notch industry mentors and a piece of the $20 million “High-Finance” fund in addition to legal and marketing guidance.

“We are very excited to partner with the CWCBExpo in order to find the next big marijuana millionaires.  Their events bring together highly motivated canna-businesses and that’s exactly who we are searching for,” said The Marijuana Show’s Producer and Director, Wendy Robbins. “With so much to gain in this industry, we are proud to assist hopeful canna-business owners to take their ideas to the next level though our TV show and our on-demand live streaming education program, Bud Camp,” added Robbins.

The CWCBExpo NY, June 14-16, taking place under one roof in the financial and media capital of the world, will also host an expanded exhibit floor (June 15-16) with suppliers in the industry showcasing cutting-edge products and services to those in the business, entrepreneurs looking to enter the market, medical professionals, dispensary owners, retailers, investors, and providers of professional services.   The educational programming includes Add-on Workshops (June 14 and June 17) presenting information on becoming medical marijuana provider, opening a business, investing in cannabis, making hemp great again, and the art of the cannabis sommelier.  The CWCBExpo conference program will include more than 70 sessions and over 100 expert speakers covering everything from seed to sale including cultivation, processing/extraction, sales, ancillary business, advocacy legislation and more. To register for CWCBExpo NY, go to

On ‘The Marijuana Show’ It’s Cannabis Companies Meet ‘Shark Tank’ With $10 Million At Stake

COLORADO:  Two hundred applications in just two weeks came flooding in when Wendy Robbins and Karen Paull put the call out for marijuana entrepreneurs interested in entering their internet-TV business competition, “The Marijuana Show.” Most  were very small enterprises or just in the idea stage Robbins said. The wide variety of concepts included a cannabis country club, a line of hemp butter products, and a marijuana delivery phone app. “We couldn’t believe the amount of interest,” said Robbins.

The two hundred entrepreneurs were whittled down to twenty-two, based on their business’ viability, scalability, founder personality and potential interest to a viewing audience. To make it to the next round each was given a specific challenge. One was told to raise $5,000 in seed money (investment money, not cash for cannabis seeds.) Another was asked to call on 100 marijuana retailers to sell them her product, while a third was told to do three things on her bucket list to get her motivated to keep achieving things. “Some were business challenges and some were emotional challenges,” said Paull, because running an enterprise manifests both.

From the twenty-two semi-finalists, ten were invited to Bud Camp (like boot camp) and tested on their knowledge of marijuana laws, compliance issues, marketing tactics and accounting methods. Mentors worked with each to improve their business plans.

Auditions Begin For Marijuana-Based Reality Show

COLORADO:  Colorado opened up a new frontier in January when voters approved the recreational use of marijuana.

Since then, it’s led to new jobs in the industry and tens of millions of dollars in tax revenue for the state and cities where it’s sold.

Now, we’re seeing the entertainment industry come calling.

About 200 people came out to audition for a new web reality show in Denver Saturday.

The director of the project calls “The Marijuana Show” The Apprentice meets Shark Tank — if the sharks were dolphins.

The Marijuana Show – In Search Of The Next Marijuana Millionaire

COLORADO:  Imagine the Shark Tank–but with pot. Welcome to The Marijuana Show. National business guru consultants Karen Paull and Wendy Robbins are looking for the next Marijuana Millionaire. Between the two, they have decades of invaluable business experience in inventions and consulting. This industry has grossed $30 million for Colorado in taxes so far this year. No longer shrouded in cliché stoner stereotypes, the pot industry is lucrative, The Marijuana Show is in search of the next brilliant business idea that will take the marijuana industry by storm.

This is an end-of-prohibition time period for the state of Colorado. We are leading the country in the “green rush”. All eyes are on the Marijuana Show, Paull and Robbins are creating a spotlight for the positive, innovative, green, and even ingenious potential in the marijuana industry.

The Marijuana Show is more than just the pitch, it serves as a boot camp. These women know people even with preexisting business who need help. How do I take it to the next step? They would take auditions from people with seriously concrete business plans, to people with just an idea. They want pre-existing companies who want to grow and expand and take their business model and move it to another place. They want green inventors, engineers, and people who could make the marijuana industry more lucrative for a sustainable future. Come one come all.