Club Offers Social Pot Spot

WASHINGTON:  Eric Buchanan envisions a day when marijuana will be as common as vodka tonics or microbrews at lounges and nightclubs across Washington.

Until then, he and his business partners are weaving their way through largely untested and often ambiguous state laws in an effort to hurry things along. Their new Spokane Valley nightclub, The Lounge, is part medical marijuana dispensary and part members-only social club where patrons can smoke pot and mingle.

It’s a carefully selected mix of business models they hope will keep them on the right side of various drug and other laws without triggering the licensing and other state restrictions under the voter-approved recreational market.

“We are in a gray area,” Buchanan acknowledged Friday. “There’s so much confusion around medical and recreational (marijuana) that we’re just trying to provide a safe, educational and legal environment where people can gather and enjoy themselves.”