Want Proof of Marijuana’s Positive Economic Impact? Here You Go!

COLORADO: The upcoming national elections in 2016 are going to feature a plethora of keynote issues. National security, job and wage growth, and immigration are all hot button issues set to take center stage. But, a few years from now, we may be discussing 2016 as the year marijuana dominated national- and state-level debates.

The marijuana legalization movement has been gaining steam at an unprecedented pace. What was once a concept that commanded just a 25% favorable rating in Gallup’s nationwide polls in the mid-1990s is now one viewed favorably by a slim majority in pretty much all national polls. If we look strictly at legalizing marijuana for medical use, the favorable rating is unequivocally higher, according to various independent state-level studies.

How marijuana has evolved
What’s changed in the past two decades? First, we’re beginning to see some of the potential benefits of medical marijuana. Clinical studies have demonstrated that marijuana and the cannabinoids that are its active ingredients may have symptom-lessening or curative effects on epilepsy, certain types of cancer, Alzheimer’s disease, and even type 2 diabetes, just to mention a few ailments.

And So It Begins…A Legal Marijuana Industry Is Born

Today’s the day Washington State takes applications for legalized, for profit, marijuana businesses. It seems like only yesterday I was closing the blinds, hiding my pot smoking-turned-growing bud business. We didn’t even dare mention the word Pot in any cell phone conversation. “Can I get some ‘salad’?’” my friends would ask.  Now its “I want an ounce of that deep purple sticky-icky.”

Now I tell any barista that asks that I’m headed to a meeting of potreprenuers. I’ve updated my social and professional networks to include my work in the world of weed. I was shocked when I asked a friend to join me in this endeavor, he said he couldn’t tell his parents, or his kids, what he’d be doing. “You gotta come out of the pot closet,” I said, “otherwise get out of the fast lane, because you’ll get run over.” [Read more…]