Skipta And The Fresh Toast Bring Cannabinoid Medicine Information To Healthcare Professionals

PENNSYLVANIA & WASHINGTON: Skipta, a leading social network of specialized online medical communities for verified healthcare professionals, including Oncology Nation, Psychiatrist Connect and Doctor Unite, announced today its partnership with new media company, The Fresh Toast, to provide trusted, reliable information on cannabinoid medicine.

In a first for the cannabis industry, this partnership will provide guidelines and research information for the potential medicinal uses of cannabis to alleviate symptoms from identified diseases and illness.  The Fresh Toast will serve as an exclusive media partner for news and information on cannabinoid medicine as authored by Skipta or its members.

The Fresh Toast, a daily lifestyle and entertainment site with a side of cannabis, launched in October 2016 and is the first cannabis site to have mainstream appeal.  Traffic to has quickly grown, with 25 percent of readers returning for multiple visits per day, according to the company press release.  The Fresh Toast has a large number of female readers with a 43/57 female/male mix.

A key section of The Fresh Toast is the Rx overseen by Tom Green, MD.  As the first site with a continuum of care, the site’s goal is providing knowledge in an understandable and familiar format allowing patients and caregivers to learn about the diseases that could benefit from the use of cannabinoid medicine and their potential treatment options.  The site is investing in expanding health coverage and sharing patient stories to give a full picture of the pluses and minuses.

“There’s certainly demand for high-quality and trustworthy cannabis information.  People want to get it from a publisher they trust,” said Christian Hendricks, a board member of The Fresh Toast and well-known media executive.

“The partnership between The Fresh Toast and Skipta can be a transformational step forward for medical cannabis.  The Fresh Toast is one of the leading voices on all things cannabis and, by forging a relationship with a massive network of healthcare professionals, it will increase information, knowledge, and access to knowledge for those at the forefront of the medical cannabis conversation.  Relationships like this one help fill a government-driven, gaping void in our understanding of medical cannabis and the realities of its practice in American society,” said John Hudak, Ph.D., senior fellow in governance studies at the Brookings Institution and author of Marijuana: A Short History.

“We are proud to work with the Skipta team of medical professionals,” said JJ McKay, founder/publisher of The Fresh Toast.  “With 40 percent of our readership coming from red states, I believe we offer a vehicle to reach the general public.  With proper use, cannabinoid medicine can help tens of millions of people.  With national leaders like Sanjay Gupta and Senator Orrin Hatch endorsing medical cannabis, we are honored to work with Skipta to help improve people’s lives.”

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Meet The Fresh Toast Power Duo JJ McKay and Eric Snow

By David Rheins

I had the opportunity to sit down with JJ McKay, the founder and publisher of The Fresh Toast and his president, Eric Snow this week.  The two, along with New York-based Editor Kelly Barbieri, have launched a new lifestyle website targeting the “canna curious” — the 85% of America who consume cannabis, but don’t who don’t identify with High Times or Dope.

[Our audience] “are people who read the Huffington Post, USA Today, eat at Cheesecake Factory and drink artisanal liquors, ” JJ McKay explained.  “These are the people who read BuzzFeed and Bustle,” Eric Snow added.

As legalization attracts new consumers back into the marijuana marketplace, advertisers and investors are paying attention.  The company has raised $2 million, mostly from friends and family, and is seeking to raise another $600k-$800k.

In a wide-ranging conversation at The Fresh Toast offices in downtown Seattle, we talked about the launch of the site, the upcoming “marijuana elections”, and how legalization is changing the culture, and creating a demand for a mainstream cannabis lifestyle media play.

Listen to the entire interview, available exclusively here on Marijuana Channel One:


The Fresh Toast Launches In NYC

NEW YORK: The Fresh Toast, a new lifestyle/entertainment platform offering a destination for delight, discovery and sides of cannabis and soon to be music & comedy, launched last week in NYC.   The Fresh Toast is redefining the perception of cannabis globally by becoming a daily destination for readers looking for some morning delight……but will also redefine the perception of cannabis globally.

Guests gathered  for the NYC launch including journalists, editors and publishers from “The New Yorker,” “The Today Show,” Huffington Post, CNN, Yahoo, Amazon TV, “US Weekly,” “The Daily News,” executives from HEED, J. Walter Thompson Worldwide, Atlantic Records and MWW. During the evening, Keith Shocklee from Public Enemy mingled with Wall Street, socialites, business leaders and models.

The Fresh Toast has a variety of content each day…from food, drink, celebrity and pop culture…to cannabis: the much maligned, but quickly-becoming-legal-plant that over 45 million people in North America use every year.