Cannacuisine Comes To The National Restaurant Association Show

ILLINOIS: Cooking with cannabis may be all the rage, but don’t expect infused food to be coming to your favorite bistro any time soon.   According to Robyn Griggs Lawrence, author of The Cannabis Kitchen Cookbook—the definitive guide for the newly minted “cannacuisine” movement, cannabis cuisine has gone gourmet, but for now you are going to have to learn to create your favorite pot dishes at home.

Ms. Lawrence will lead a panel discussion on The Art and Science of Cooking with Cannabis” at the National Restaurant Association® NRA Show 2016 in Chicago on Tuesday, May 24, at 1:00 p.m. Joining Robyn will be culinary cannabis superstar The Herbal Chef” Chris Sayegh ( and Chicago native and cannabis cuisine pioneer Chef Herb Seidel (

MJ News Network had the opportunity to ask Ms. Lawrence about her cannacuisine message to mainstream restauranteurs.

MJNN: Does your appearance at the NRA show signal that cannabis cuisine is going mainstream?

RGL: Yes, I believe it does. It shows that chefs from across the country—whether they are able to cook with cannabis yet or not—are preparing for a future in which they can freely explore cannabis as a culinary ingredient.

MJNN: Legal cannabis is the fastest growing industry in America. Will we soon start seeing a trend toward cannabis restaurants? Or will cannabis-infused food be strictly for the home chef? 

RGL: We will see cannabis restaurants down the road, but I predict it will be several years. Public consumption is a hotly debated subject, but for now, home cooking and private dinners are our only options.

MJNN:  What will your message be to the professional chefs and restauranteurs? 

RGL: Cannabis is a superfood and the hottest new ingredient to hit the culinary scene in ages. Chefs and foodies are discovering its remarkable taste profiles and health benefits, but education is key. Cooking with cannabis requires a keen understanding of its unique properties, so we will discuss how to select the finest organic cannabis in a largely unregulated marketplace and teach chefs how to unlock its many benefits while creating delicious gourmet cuisine.