Massachusetts First Legal Marijuana Dispensary Will Open Soon

MASSACHUSETTS:  Patients have been waiting to access marijuana for medical purposes for far too long. There is more debate in the press over the matter, rather than effective measures taken to cover the debates. A considerable number of states across US have passes a law by which marijuana consumption is made legal but few of them fully regulated the terms and conditions. Massachusetts’s first legal marijuana dispensary will open soon, provided it passes one more row of check-ups and regulations.

Salem will be the first US territory where people will be able to find a medical marijuana dispensary. The Alternative Therapies Group, as it is called, is expected to open soon, after receiving a temporary disavowal to sell cannabis that has not been entirely tested for pesticides or other harmful substances.

It seems that for the moment, laboratories in Massachusetts are not entirely able to complete the quality testing required by state health department rules, as the Governor Charlie Baker representatives declared.