The Marijuana Industry's Latest 'It Product': 'Dabs'

The July 2013 cover of High Times featured dabs, a concentrated form of marijuana

CALIFORNIA: It’s become a daily occurrence. Customers visit Hugs Alternative Care, a medical-marijuana dispensary in Sacramento, Calif., and ask for “dabs.” They are referring to butane hash oil, an especially potent form of marijuana, also known as “honey,” “honey oil,” “wax” or “earwax” because of its sticky, amber-colored appearance.

Want to Protect Kids From Potent Pot? Legalize It

In short, legalizing and regulating marijuana will curb existing demand for more potent pot

The availability of highly potent strains of marijuana and marijuana-derived concentrates is nothing new. And neither are alarmist claims that these products pose unique dangers to public health. But such claims require clarification and context.