How We Tested Marijuana Potency For 15 Edible Products Available in Oregon

OREGON:  We bought marijuana-infused products. Only Oregon medical marijuana patients and their caregivers can purchase medical marijuana and infused products from a medical marijuana dispensary. An Oregonian/OregonLive staff writer, who had a qualifying medical condition, became an Oregon medical marijuana patient for the purposes of assisting with this report. The reporter purchased 15 marijuana-infused products from four Portland dispensaries over a two-hour period in January.

What we bought: We selected products that represent the wide range of edibles available on the Portland medical marijuana dispensary market. The purchases included hard candies, chocolates, drinks, ice cream and even pizza.

How they were stored and transported:Immediately after they were purchased, the items were placed in a cooler. Within three hours of purchase, the items were moved to a refrigerator. (Two frozen items went into a freezer.) The Oregonian/OregonLive did not open any packages. Two days later the products were transferred to OG Analytical, a Eugene marijuana testing lab. Thirteen of the items were stored in OG Analytical’s refrigerator until they were tested; two, the ice cream and frozen pizza, were stored in the lab’s freezer.