Report: Retail Cannabis Tax Revenues Surpass $1 Billion In 2018


DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA: State and local excise tax collections on retail adult-use cannabis sales surpassed $1 billion in 2018 — a 57 percent increase over 2017 levels, according to data compiled by the Institute on Taxation and Economic Policy. Annual excise tax revenues on adult-use cannabis sales ($1.04 billion) rivaled those for all forms of alcohol $(1.16 billion), Read the full article…

Oregon Cannabis Industry Survey Predicts $10 Million Tax Revenue Decrease Due To Changes In Testing Protocol

Economist Beau Whitney at an MJBA Seminar

OREGON: Cannabis industry economist Beau Whitney of Whitney Economics and the Oregon Cannabis Business Council today jointly released the results of a survey conducted this November that predicts a $10 million drop in fourth-quarter state tax revenue, a $187.5 million uptick in black-market sales, and layoffs and dispensary closures statewide due to Oregon Health Authority Read the full article…

$694 Million Expected In Washington State Pot Tax Revenue Through 2019

As of this week, revenue from total sales of recreational marijuana totaled more than $40 million, with the state receiving more than $10 million in excise taxes.

WASHINGTON:  Washington’s legal recreational marijuana market is bringing in more tax revenue to the state than originally predicted, state officials said Wednesday.The most recent revenue forecast released by the Economic and Revenue Forecast Council shows that the industry is expected to bring in more than $694 million in state revenue through the middle of 2019. Read the full article…

Colorado Retail Marijuana Sales Finally Beat Medical

hough that amounts to a less than $1 million gap between retail and medical sales, this is a small victory for champions of legalization who have argued that the experiment will be profitable for the state, as revenues have lagged behind some expectations.

COLORADO:  Sales of legal retail marijuana have topped sales of medical marijuana in Colorado for the first time since the state’s recreational pot shops opened their doors on Jan. 1, according to tax figures released by the Colorado Department of Revenue. During the month of July, the state received $838,711 from a 2.9% tax on Read the full article…

Colorado’s Marijuana Message To U.S.

Activists on both sides of the pot debate are pointing to Colorado to make their case for legalization across the country.

COLORADO:  With Alaska and Oregon gearing up to vote on legalizing marijuana in a few months and many other states considering it further down the road, one state is on everyone’s mind — Colorado. Activists on both sides of the pot debate are pointing to the Colorado experiment — what they see as its great Read the full article…

Colorado Marijuana Tax Revenues Total $3.2 Million In February

Up to four people were reportedly handcuffed by police all of them “out-of-towers,” who may themselves have been undercover police according to some eyewitnesses on the scene. Patrons reported noticing a couple of “older gentlemen” scoping out the club earlier in the evening with cameras.

COLORADO: Tax revenues from Colorado’s sales of medical and recreational marijuana in February increased from the previous month, according to figures released Wednesday by the state. Colorado collected $3.2 million in February, below the state’s projection of $3.7 million but slightly above above the $2.9 million it gathered in January. In February, Colorado collected $1.43 million Read the full article…

Colorado’s Experience With Legal Pot Has Governors Curious

John Hickenlooper answers questions about pot from the nation's leading governors.

DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA:  Colorado Democrat John Hickenlooper has a firm answer to other U.S. governors asking him about marijuana as source of revenue: Just say no. Hickenlooper said this weekend that about a half-dozen called or asked him at this weekend’s National Governors Association meeting in Washington about his state’s experience legalizing recreational pot. They Read the full article…

Marijuana: Denver's projected revenues from recreational pot won't cover expenditures

The expenditures break down into a variety of expenses under three main categories: regulation, enforcement, and health and education.

COLORADO: How much pot is going to be sold next year in Colorado as a result of Amendment 64′s passage is one of those great unknowns that has given officials across the state a big headache as they try to predict tax revenues.