Gearing up for Oregon’s Recreational Marijuana Market with Smart Surveillance

By Ellen Arndt, Communications Manager at

OREGON: Oregon’s marijuana market is primed for massive growth once the Oregon Liquor Control Board (OLCC) begins issuing licenses to recreational cannabis producers, retailers, wholesalers, and processors next year. Entrepreneurs and experienced cannabis growers can better prepare themselves for the state regulations that lie ahead by building out their security plan and ensuring that their retail or manufacturing operation is well outfitted with necessary surveillance equipment. Security cameras are vitally important to protecting assets and maintaining compliance with the state’s dispensary rules (recently updated January 28, 2015). Although Oregon’s rules have not been finalized for recreational facilities, they likely won’t differ greatly from what’s already been established for medical dispensaries.

Modern-day security camera systems provide numerous benefits to marijuana dispensaries, three of which are highlighted:

Remote Video Access

Remote video access is an indispensible feature that enables a dispensary owner or manager to view real-time and recorded footage off-site. Multiple video streams can be viewed and monitored simultaneously from a smart device such as a tablet, iPhone, or Android. This significantly saves the owner time from having to physically monitor retail or grow operations at all hours of the day.

HD Video Resolution

High-definition (HD) video surveillance cameras are recommended for monitoring large grow facilities or dispensaries. Available in 720p and 1080p resolution, HD cameras provide a high level of detail for every image recorded. High definition cameras render remarkably clearer images than older camera models using TVL resolution, making it much easier to identify suspicious activity or unproductive practices that impede business growth. The bottom line is that images recorded with low-resolution cameras pale in comparison to the video quality obtained by HD video.

Effective Loss Prevention Tool

Cannabis businesses run into the same day-to-day threats that retail operations face such as employee and customer theft. Installing cameras above point-of-sale stations and at ingress & egress points ensure that anyone coming into the building will be identifiable on video. Internal theft can also pose a threat if not closely monitored. The wide field of view of modern HD surveillance cameras can save substantial time and costs on hiring outside security guards to patrol the premises.

Case Study in Washington

A manufacturer of a popular cannabis-infused beverage, Mirth Provisions, is a recent and illustrative example of a company that met state regulations with the help of our team at In order to obtain a license to conduct business, Mirth Provisions needed full surveillance coverage of its 8,400 square foot manufacturing facility. Once the system was designed by our security integrators, and the cameras were deployed in their respective locations, the company’s premises were inspected and subsequently approved by a state authority. The system currently records 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and contains enough storage space to save video for up to 45 days as required by the state. The high-definition cameras effectively safeguard the property against crime and allow the owner to monitor production while away or out of town. A case study of the project is available to read here:


Video surveillance cameras should be installed wherever marijuana is processed, stored, or packaged. HD surveillance systems ensure that every area is accounted for, in compliance with state regulations, and well secured. The camera systems we design help reduce theft vulnerability, insulate against liability, and identify inefficient or poor business practices. For more information on HD video resolution and how it compares to low-resolution cameras, you can contact us at